1Malaysia or OneMalaysia?

I am currently encountering Laloo or Tit4Tat (and jebat’s fren too before) in JMDs blog on some of issues which is for me questioning on who is right or who is wrong, who is corrupt, who is isn’t etc. It is really tiring indeed when one love to inflate hate more towrds discussing on how to make Malaysia a better place to live. I also can see some other comments from various blogs, but since I am entangled with this two characters and some comments obviously being directed to me, like A Voice mentioned “Jawab Tetap Jawab”.

Obviously it shows that the bitterment of unfortunate events being highlighted in their comments, which I will say I am sorry, but should one put all hatred towards one and saying the other side is the guardian angel, perfect and will serve us well? I don’t think so.

During the glorious day of Islamic Empire, there was a  time even servants in Islamic Empire dressed in fine clothes. It was the time of Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz (the name mentioned by Lim Guang Eng various time trying to emulate him..well done to PAS!). However, it was before, and Malaysia at that point of time still do not exist in the world map ideologically. Geographically, yes, but not named after Malaysia. Considering what we have right now, we are way back and have a long way to go and reach such utopia.

Ideally, Malaysia is just a small kid, growing and maturing throughout time. 50 years sounds it have been long enough, but with tough challenges all around us, we are young indeed. We have gone through tough and rough times. Even though we gained our independence in 1957, Communism still lingered around us. People were living in fear. I know that such postings are made to glorify communism, I wonder if most of us still remember and see the pictures of dead bodies lying around for not obeying orders of PKM. We even got one film trying to reflect the true story of what had happened in Bukit Kepong. Is it an evidence of such act of harmonious Malaysia? I don’t think so.

We had also Confrontation from our neighbouring countries – Indonesia and Philippines. Indonesia launched “Ganyang Malaysia” campaign. Sign of peace and harmony? Malaysians suffered another war, yet we stand united. No land was given to them in the confrontation. Not an inch given without a fight.

13th May was a reflection of what we call for another kind of challenges in creating a better Malaysia. Economic stability and gap were one of the main reason. Basically, even though I was not there at that time, with current economic challenge we face for the past 20 years, I can understand. The basic needs need to be fulfilled, the welfare of people need to be looked after. I guess, with resources and opportunites available in the 60’s and 70’s, limited solution can be provided. The cake was not big enough to feed hungry rakyat. As far as what I can read and analyse, Tunku and Tun Razak with their cabinet of ministers have tried their best to accomodate Malaysians. And of course, it wasn’t enough for some.

Which I guess, with the cake was not big enough, the cake should be bigger and and the baker should try to provide more. In other words, I have to say, TDM and the ministers with him trying to make better and bigger cake for all Malaysians to share. Malaysia is turned from agricultural based to production based. I should say, for those who believe in meritocracy, being left behind should be the consequences of one who are not strong enough to move forward.  Should he or she failed, he or she should not blame others for his or her failure. However, the idea of DEB is not letting the non-starters (since majority of bumiputeras and indians of Malaysia background were not business-based) to be left behind. Barisan are trying to reduce the gap and not let the left behind hinders Malaysia’s progress as a whole. For me, that’s the beauty theory to be fulfilled. But oh well, humans are not as perfect and some not thinking of others when they are in front. Even, in a simple line up to eat food in such occasion, we  can see some taking more than they should and left the latter to eat whatever remaining and some just having drinks!

I should say the transformation of Malaysia benefited most of Malaysians. I know that there are some left behind, even this very day. Bersamamu of TV3 has shown the Malaysians that there are some who are not in the front row of rich and famous, but should we see it as a black dot on the white paper, or a white paper with a black dot? Even with the current level of purity of air, white paper will have dusts on them, but should we say that the white paper is dirty and cannot be used?

Since DS Najib has outlined what is defined by ‘One Malaysia’, should Pakatan come up with a brilliat idea too? Should we contest for who is weaker and dirtier or should we aim who is better in accomodating Malaysians? I have respect for Pakatan members who have done good, but I do hope, for the betterment of Malaysia as a whole, we should compete for betterment. If Pakatan supporters more focused on the dirty part, I have to say that in a way, you are implying that one should find the weakness of others and kill them with it. Don’t be suprised if rakyat will trying to find your fault should Pakatan rule. Simple example, the challanges you are facing when you rule Selangor.

Or should one succumb and be the dark side? (or the Darker Side? Sorry Mr Singh, your blog title just so intersting to play with..hehe)

Why not be a gentleman such as Salahuddin Al Ayubi? He was one of the respected Muslim leaders who get back Jerussalam for Islam. He fought Richard the Lion Heart, but only when Richard was in good health. He even cured Richard in the battle for Jerussalam. Have anyone from Pakatan or Barisan take a lesson from this? The best part is, even the West recognised for who he is in movie entitled “Kingdom of Heaven”. Hello, both have Muslims on both sides, have you ever learn the existence of this Muslim leader?

If I am able to voice out my suggestion if Pakatan really sincere in their fight for rakyat, prove it thru the 4 states you hold right now. The best refelction would be Selangor as there’s no real dominant party for Pakatan. Prove that you can work well with each other and act just for each and every people in Selangor. It can be the reflection of what will be the future of Malaysia should Pakatan rules. Kedah and Kelantan dominated by PAS while Penang dominated by DAP. The only live proof would be Selangor (since Perak currently not under Pakatan’s control).

As for Barisan members, carry out your responsibilites while you still can. Every single wrong footed will bring you nearer to the end. You can get all you want now, but do remember that once Pakatan is in charge, they will track down and hunt you for all your misdeeds. Moreover, since Barisan mostly have Muslims as front leaders, Allah sees everything. Even though you are not punished here, in the afterworld you’ll receive yours.

Just a note to Barisan leaders, should any charity program come to your place, support it, do not go against it. We are not living in the Umar Abdul Aziz era. Therefore, surely some will left behind, including those in your area. Help them and guide them out of poverty. That’s the way you should be doing.

About this perspective thingy, I just want to say that we all have the right to agree or to disagree. The difference is how we react to it.  Funny thing is, I somehow reminded about this from an anime – Samurai X. The anime is based on Meiji era. The words that struck my thoughts was this:

“If you’re saying that the one who wins is right, then you’d be the same as Makoto Shishio. We all fought for what we believed was right during this hard battle and we defeated Shishio in the end. However, Shishio himself was also trying to prove his rightfulness by winning battles. He acted upon his beliefs, that he did. In that respect, he is no different from any of us. In the end, perhaps the times did indeed choose to side with us, but what’s right will be determined by the people of the next generation based on the history that’s being created right now, that it will. Even so, an era dominated by the survival of the fittest where the strong live and the weak die is definitely wrong… definitely.” – Kenshin Himura

Hopes on the street: Try to reduce all this hatred nonsense and let’s do our job in facing tough and rough economic challenges as Malaysians, not as Barisan or Pakatan. Wake up!


12 thoughts on “1Malaysia or OneMalaysia?

  1. are we supposed to keep quiet on toyo’s doing? if there is no catching of bad guys, i also want to become toyo. after administration, i will employ you to write article “don’t focus on the dirty part of it” , look at what jebat’s fren have done.

    this is called cover up …..white is white, black is black !!!

    maybe you would just prefer to mix it together…hahahaha

    ODS: Cover up? Aiseh, don’t you read the part I also hinted what Barisan leaders went wrong in my postings? Have you read how much respect I have for PAS? Do you ever notice that I hinted on how I want Pakatan to improve by walk the talk and stop politicking too much? I specifically mention that:

    If I am able to voice out my suggestion if Pakatan really sincere in their fight for rakyat, prove it thru the 4 states you hold right now. The best refelction would be Selangor as there’s no real dominant party for Pakatan. Prove that you can work well with each other and act just for each and every people in Selangor. It can be the reflection of what will be the future of Malaysia should Pakatan rules. Kedah and Kelantan dominated by PAS while Penang dominated by DAP. The only live proof would be Selangor (since Perak currently not under Pakatan’s control).

    I believe in doing good things and and bring betterment to majority as a whole. If the good part comes from Pakatan, I’ll acknowledge it and I support it.

    Please do not focus on the bad part only. I sense negative force each time you write in JMD’s blog, even tough at times I have to admit, you gave the readers another point of view in this very life. For every constructive arguments, I respect you. 🙂

  2. bro,

    so much for 1Malaysia. what is your opinion on the arrest of Wong Chin Huat? be fair, don’t we have our rights to wear black? don’t we have our rights to advocate everyone to wear black? what is so seditious about wearing black?

    najib and kerismuddin is fantastic 1-month into their job….

    ODS: Thank you for dropping by my friend.

    Based on the news report available in The Star, he was detained to assist in police investigations into allegedly seditious SMSes. Being detained to assist investigation is totally different being arrested for alleged crime or what ever wrong doings.

    From my point of view, he is helping the police to perform proper investigation. Only that, I hope he give his cooperation as he should so that a smooth investigation can be done. I guess you have watched hundreds of police stories. For CSI for example, each episode will show a few charachter being brought to police station for investigation. Do all being convicted? I don’t think so.

    Same applies in Mr Wong here. He is being detained to assist police investigation, not as convicted criminal or something. 🙂

    I hope we can differentiate being detained to assist investigation and arrested for such cause. 🙂

  3. if detained for assisting in investigation, how come he is denied to see his lawyer? and being secretly transported here and there? do you want me to provide you the URL link for you to view?

    if it is for assisting in investigation, any need for detain for 24 hours or initially about 3-4 days?huh, arrested or assist in investigation?

    you mentioned that when i present my view, i sound as if i paint the negative side of BN and hide the flaws of PR. but with your comment, i could also come to a conclusion that you defend BN and police in whatever they do. same, right? any difference?

    if i am the police, i can always use politically correct terms to justify my action. i also do the same in my work lah.

    so, for teresa is for protection or detention? for the chinese paper reporter, how come she was “detained” ? to assist in investigation or arrested for seditious? why not detain Ahmad Ismail for his seditious remarks or even never detain to assist in investigation?

    i am even more shocked to know why pro-establishment ppl will always try to justify the wrongdoings of BN. maybe is really the pro-establishment ppl that need to wake up and remove the planks from their eyes.

    ODS: 3-4 days are just partially from the maximum days one can be arrested/detained to assist investigation. If not mistaken max of 14 days, depends on the complexity and difficulty of the case. I assume because the case is related to something that’s connected to world wide web, possibly it will take longer time rather than solving something that is in hard cold physical evidence. And that’s why the gadgets being taken too, as part of things that help investigations. CSI might be overly beautiful plotted, but still, the procedure done is not way off far from reality. The difference is, in TV, the time taken and easiness to capture evidence is not that easy.

    For the way you present your view, that is my opinion. As for mine, I’m doing the opposite way as you presented. The comments made is inline with healthy discussion. Going against one does not mean someone is opposing 100%. At times, when you are right, I’ll agree with you.

    I noticed that you have given one comment for an article I wrote “Should MIC Demand?” in which in the very article I questioned one of Barisan’s party component. Secondly, I wrote and article on praising what PAS had done and the examplry action by their supporters. Moreover, I have written some articles questioning Barisan’s supporters on some issue. I also commented on Khairy’s achievement in football. So, does these made me a Pakatan supporter?

    I will credit and acknowledge when it is due. And as far I can remember, I don’t argue using bad words.

    Thank you jebat’s fren for your comment. And thank you for a healthy discussion. 🙂

  4. but my contention is whether the police have done correctly when they refused the lawyers to see Wong?
    Yes or No

    do you think the police was unprofessional for transporting Wong here and there without allowing him to have a chance to speak to lawyer?
    yes or no

    do you think the police acted on teresa is justified?
    yes or no

    do you think police action on teresa is politically motivated?
    yes or no

    do you think the police acted on the reporter justified or not?
    yes or no

    it really makes me wonder if one day i am nabbed by police because deemed to be anti-establishment will be allowed to see my lawyer or not?

    i don’t need a long lecture about CSI and their procedure as i know the exec producer is jerry and i know is just a movie lah.

    ODS: Yes, it is a movie, yet we can learn one thing or two.

    On the yes or no question, my answer will be based on my personal opinion, not by law.

    On the Wong’s case, he is there to help the investigation. If you have nothing to hide, why do you need such lawyer? To arrange sentences so no slip ups???

    On Teresa, please refer on which act did she get arrested and what act did she had done. For this, I have to agree that the decision (to arrest Teresa) made by the previous management of KDN has yet to be explained more clear to public, as I understood for that act, a white paper should be produced.

    However, these scenarios should not be a justification that PDRM acts as political tool. They are law enforcer and peace keeper. Should some slip ups be a judgment to the whole force, I will say it is unfair.

    Being reason, they have served us for years, keeping peace within Malaysia, trying to make sure we have good night sleep. They will serve whoever control the govenrment and the country and for the Malaysians. And for that, I am grateful for the service given by PDRM. 🙂

  5. bro, you can’t even answer a simple yes or no and try to selok-belok here. so i can conclude you might be one of those cyber troops paid by UMNO to disseminate info. so, i guess, is wasting my time to look at things at the “right” perspective. opinions and views can be twisted for the benefit of those in power. the questions i posed is very simple to everyone on the street. i guess you are not on the street as you are just merely a paid writer.

    bro, whether slips up or slips down, that is between Wong and the lawyer. if the police themselves are not even adhering to laws, then why do we adhere to laws? we know what to do then. an eye for an eye.

    ODS: Easy conclusion huh? Well, I’m not suprised as you have done that at start. I’ve stated that I will credit when it’s due. Be it Pakatan or Barisan, who ever do the good things, I’ll support. I wonder when I wrote articles criticising Barisan and praise Pakatan, you will consider me as paid writer by Pakatan? Or should I be paid since my articles in this very blog are not 100% supporting any sides? Think logically, IF I’m paid, I should be praising with all my heart whatever Barisan or Pakatan is doing. Just one of them, not both. Or else, I will be toasted.

    Secondly, you only question on the first part of your query, but you keep quite when I answer I agree with you. If I’m paid, I will not agree with you.

    So much for accusing me getting paid..now, pay me since I agree with you on Teresa! 😀

    So easy to accuse me. I assume you are not a muslim, as if you are, by accusing me blindly, you know the consequences.

    Thank you for the accuse.

    And the answer for your follow up question since you cannot read between the lines – No, I don’t think so. There must be reason, but that one, I do not have any knowledge on that. Perhaps you have..or you just make assumptions and more accusations on the actions as you usually do.

    Please provide proof he is transfered here and there and the reason behind it. No accusations, please. 🙂

  6. what’s the point of having constitution and law if the police is not following it. for you to read and be more down to earth instead of giving your simplistic and view with assumptions.

    Following the Federal Constitution, our Criminal Procedure Code provides as follows:

    “28A. Rights of person arrested.

    (1) A person arrested without a warrant shall be informed as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest by the police officer making the arrest.

    (2) A police officer shall, before commencing any form of questioning or recording of any statement from the person arrested, inform the person that he may-

    (a) communicate or attempt to communicate, with a relative or friend to inform of his whereabouts; and

    (b) communicate or attempt to communicate and consult with a legal practitioner of his choice.

    (3) Where the person arrested wishes to communicate or attempt to communicate with the persons referred to in paragraphs (2)(a) and (b), the police officer shall, as soon as may be, allow the arrested person to do so.

    (4) Where the person arrested has requested for a legal practitioner to be consulted, the police officer shall allow a reasonable time-

    (a)for the legal practitioner to be present to meet the person arrested at his place of detention; and

    (b)for the consultation to take place.

    (5) The consultation under subsection (4) shall be within the sight of a police officer and in circumstances, in so far as practicable, where their communication will not be overheard.

    ODS: I am sure the necessary have been done. If not, I see that if there’s any proceedings, there’s a potential that the case will be dropped due to technicality/misconduct of carrying investigation.

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

    p/s: By agreeing with you, I guess I should be paid now by Pakatan..right? Haha 😀

  7. bro,

    i don’t need people to agree with me, what i really want to see is people who can see the truth and see integrity in this country. and i don’t like the fact of paid writer when they knowing is wrong yet still want to spin it. we as human do not live long so why not make the best out of our lives. i used to support MCA in their election service but when i found out that they have taken the people and i told myself enough of MCA, is time for Pakatan Rakyat.

    and i hope the perak assembly can be dissolved and has one more round of fresh re-election. let the majority speak.

    ODS: Thank you for your comment.

    I wonder if the truth you see only the bad part of life? Is it all is that bad that one is beyond help, even the neutrals that show support to the idea that you believe in?

    I say this because besides you accuse me being a paid writer (which is not) whilst having various articles disgree with what some of doings of some Barisan leaders and having praise for such act from Pakatan’s side, you also accuse for non-political body as corrupt when their action being seen as opposed to Pakatan.

    The best part is, you “celebrated” courts rule when Nizar won the case. So, now the court is not corrupted? Where all your accusations go?

    There are bad things in life (the truth that you see), but put a judgment that particular group is beyond help when actually small portion did bad things, I think it is unfair as there are also good people doing good things. 🙂

  8. in fact the court judgement was a big surprise to me, really. i have already concluded that the court will favor BN but event turned out to be a surprise to everyone. i am sure BN is shocked too with this decision, likewise PR.

    can i say that in life there is no 100% bad or good which all these while i have been trying to emphasize? it’s always if you have 70% good/bad, it will automatically decide whether it’s good/bad. how would you perceive a company with 70% lousy staff? would you tell the clients, “is okay, give them chance, they will be better”. i have a very simple solution, remove as much as possible and bring in new people. can’t perform or corrupted, out they go. a very pressing question that i have not asked since i have started commenting in jmd and your blog:

    What has UMNO done to those corrupted/racist leaders and whether the measures are drastic enough to change UMNO?

    at the end of the day, i can’t help UMNO. it’s up to UMNO to help UMNO.

    coming back to truth defined. it’s about seeing it as it is regardless whether is bad or good. the truth will set you free. if i am only seeing the bad, it’s not called seeing the truth, is called being negative and pessimistic. i for one respect UMNO leaders the like of Ku Li, Shahrir. am i that negative as you perceived?

    ODS: Suprised? Not for me, as at start of this havoc, I see both lose. Barisan and Pakatan failed to act like brilliant and matured leaders.

    The solution provided by you is perfect in theory, however, to implement it in real life is not that easy. That’s why life is beautiful. We can never know what to expect even though what we do is good, but may be bad for others.

    In regards with your last question, at times I have to say no, but so far I have to say yes. Both of us having ways and means in conveying messages, but the conduct and deliver the message that makes us different.

    For example, if someone made an honest mistake. Either you can say directly “You stupid fool! Even cannot handle easy thing” or you can say “It’s ok. Perhaps you should do better next time.” Both saying the person mistake, but the way we tell them have various effect.

    Same goes with us. In delivering what we see, we should be able to convey it in good manner. Perhaps you do not notice that in some of my comments, is it you see it by way of seeing “half full or half empty glass of water”, or “white paper with one black dot or one black dot on one piece of white paper”.

    Perhaps, you have seen how some bloggers or commentators write. I suppose you’ve seen how Melayu Sejati writes. Do you like to read them? Will you think rationaly when your read his words? Will the actual messages can be delivered?

    However it doesn’t mean you can accuse someone blatantly. Perhaps, when you saying I’m a paid writer, you should read thoroughly what I’ve written so far. If I’m paid by Barisan, might as well I write one sided articles without considering any of Pakatan’s positives. Vice versa if I’m paid by Pakatan. That is why I use pseudonym “Ondastreet” (but not as hooligans on the street. More like “street smart” thingy). If you happen to read “About”, I specifically mentioned “I hope this will be an arena of healthy discussions for current and future scenarios.”

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  9. Melayu Sejati (lempoyang)

    i can’t believe the way they express their thoughts. i wonder the police will be interested to put them into ISA when they write seditiously. these are the group of bloggers above the law. imagine if any anti-establishments bloggers were to write like them, they will be hauled up and protect under ISA, and will come out in MSM’s headlines.

    these are the same group who called themselves the DN Knight untuk 1sekolah concept, and i really can’t imagine how they would be respected with the way they right. the 1sekolah will turn out to be 1sekolah in vulgar, rude and racists and most probably their PE time will be playing with keris and parang.

    is this how you want yourself to be associated with these group of bloggers when you claim yourself to be a moderate blogger?

    to quote wengerkhairy:

    “Situasi ni tercetus kerana 80% orang bukan Melayu bertekad tidak akan mengundi UMNO dan sebaliknya mengundi pembangkang. Tak kira mereka letak Eli, ke peliwat ke, pencuri ke – tak kira langsung, mereka tetap akan memangkah pihak lawan. Disini kita boleh lihat peranan blog yang konnonya proUMNO dalam polemik diatas. Blog UMNO memang dah terkenal seperti blog Big Dog, blog Husin Lempoyang, blog Rocky Bru dan beberapa blog lain. Jelas cara penyampaian yang diguna pakai oleh pengusaha blog blog tersebut banyak yang berdasarkan keegoaan yang keterlaluan, perkauman dan penghinaan, sehingga anak isteri dijadikan modal untuk mempersendakan individu dan kaum kaum tertentu. Saya juga merasa amat hairanlah, segelintir blog tersebut cuba mengutarakan konsep ketuananan kulit putih, seperti mereka rasa amat malu tidak seputih kawan kawan mereka di Eropah dan negeri Cina. ”

    (wengerkhariy) Meeting reporters after chairing the “Lets Kick Stupidity Out of Malaysia” forum, he pulled no punches when asked to comment about the 1 School concept, a concept that had been originated by a group of bloggers who call themselves “DN Knights”. He said “From the reports I received these bloggers want to force a single school system with the provision that arrangements be made to teach Mandarin and Tamil to those who require it. Basically they have tried to equate a whole long list of isolated effects, ranging from the controversy where one person made fun of the Negaraku to people blogging in Chinese and Tamil, to build a general notion that non-Malays in the country are not patriotic and would become more patriotic if they were to attend to a single national type school system.”

    “Options are what people want. I understand that a blogger going by the name of satD who is supposed to be advising the Indonesian Government in their financial sector is behind also this. His blog is titled Pure Shite. So I guess we must now teach our children to be more rude and vulgar as this will make them more patriotic.”

    ODS: Hi jebat’s fren. Sorry I didn’t notice your comment much earlier as yours was registered as spam. Lucky I didn’t empty the spams without really looking into it.

    In regards with the way they write, I guess different people have different style of giving reponse to comments (e.g. provocation v provocation or harsh words v harsh words, etc). I believe you understand better, considering some of the way you have written meet with similar kind of response of how you throw your ideas earlier.

    Anyway, I was quite suprise with sudden thoughts of yours on ISA thingy. Considering ISA implementations have been strongly opposed by non-Barisan supporters, critics etc, I wonder why one should consider ISA the group members. If you are saying that they sould be ISA, then I guess that whoever who opposed against it to re-think on the need of ISA. 🙂

    On the other hand, should I be considered as associating with them because I supported the idea? Have you read how I view the idea of Satu Sekolah? Have you read how I present my thoughts on this idea? Do I use unsuitable words or phrases that showing I am not moderate blogger?

    On this Mr Wenger, I’m sorry to say I do not really agree with his statement. For some, I find it contradicting. The most obvious would be “Blog UMNO memang dah terkenal seperti blog Big Dog, blog Husin Lempoyang, blog Rocky Bru dan beberapa blog lain. Jelas cara penyampaian yang diguna pakai oleh pengusaha blog blog tersebut banyak yang berdasarkan keegoaan yang keterlaluan, perkauman dan penghinaan, sehingga anak isteri dijadikan modal untuk mempersendakan individu dan kaum kaum tertentu.”

    Isn’t Wenger labelled himself as UMNO Ronin? Is not he himself commited to be one of UMNO bloggers? Should you labelled him as paid writer, instead of me (when obviously I’ve written some articles on good side of Pakatan and highlighted weaknesses and things that should not be done by Barisan)?

    Moreover, “Saya juga merasa amat hairanlah, segelintir blog tersebut cuba mengutarakan konsep ketuananan kulit putih, seperti mereka rasa amat malu tidak seputih kawan kawan mereka di Eropah dan negeri Cina.”.

    Have you read his previous articles? He himself in numerous times writing as if our local Malaysians cannot do proper job. He quoted from outside sources, which at one time was countered by myself in arguing GDP is NOT the only factor in determining our economy strenght (read here).

    On the later part you’ve quoted, they were his views and thoughts, which I see in different way. After all, he can disagree or to agree. I have presented mine on how Satu Sekolah meant when I read the article (read the article on Satu Sekolah by myself) and he presented his, in his own way.

    Well, I have to say that I should feel mad with you, considering you have accused me to be an UMNO paid writer (which I am NOT) and saying that I am associating with the group of DN Knights, (which I support the idea, seeing in my own perspective, arguing in good manner), but I wonder why I do not feel that way.

    Maybe you can tell me why… 🙂

  10. better reply in point form…a bit busy with work now.

    1. i am drawing a comparison of ISA treatment as of current situation between how they treat non-bn bloggers vs bn-bloggers. i think you have misunderstood me for pro-ISA. till now, my stand is for ISA to be abolished.

    2. i have no qualm with 1 school but let the medium be in english not because i don’t support BM but is more for competitiveness. i disagree with how DN knights presented the ideas and similarly how the commentators humiliate other races and languages. now , you know the reason why other races are not agreeable to 1sekolah. if saTD is so adamant to have malaysia to emulate indonesia, tell him to forget it. if he likes indonesia so much, he should stay in indonesia and join the indons.

    3. you have a question and concern about why the methodology of SRJKC are not passed down to SRK if it is deemed to be more superior. i think you have entirely missed it. my chinese ed friend is more or less similar to me, which i am from SMK. it’s not about methodology, is about dedication of those who are serving. i have friends who have taught in SMK Subang Utama and some chinese primary school. all methods are the same, the difference is commitment. i came from SMK, fortunately the teachers (mostly malays) are committed, hence the school is better. maybe you should pose the question based on the root which is not what type of school but the maktab perguruan. when you have more malays (i am not trying to be racist here, i am helping you to see the point) are more willing to be teachers but may not have such credibility/commitment/brains (selection criteria of maktab is flawed), that’s the reason why they can’t even teach Form 1 and Form 2 when they graduated. those good malay teachers more often than not, are based in big city and it does help. the chinese teachers after maktab perguruan will go to teach chinese schools in small number but they are more committed and they could in return, help the students. a friend of mine finished Uni in accounting/finance but applied to teach for few months in a SRJKC and she was such an effective teacher but never gone through maktab perguruan. another friend of mine after form 6 went back to teach form 1-2 and outshone most of the teachers, sadly. so do you now see the reason? when meritocracy is not being promoted, you start from institution (education) -> selection of guru -> teaching credibility -> outcome -> reflect on school. it’s a cycle, bad policy create an avalanche of bad results.

    4. vernacular schools have and will never present a threat to racial disunity. i only support 1school for the reason of making our country progressive in trades and skills. racial unity is definitely not achieved through what the BN is doing, divide and rule. firstly to start with political parties, tell them to do away race based political parties and then only will i support 1sekolah towards progress.

    5. i think you must be very clear about a paid UMNO blogger is different from an UMNO supporter blogger. one is to write to correct and to rebuke and the other type is to twist and turn to achieve what UMNO wants. i am the kind belong to a PR supporter commentator but i am not paid to support in comments about everything PR has done and to do.

    6. i think i know why you are not feeling mad, i guess our opinions are reaching an equilibrium. i have always maintained my stand that i am not a supporter of extreme chinese chauvinist (the equivalent of chinese chauvinist is the malay racist “Ketuanan Melayu”) and force the chinese culture into people’s throat. likewise, malays must also learn not to do that. each race should first have common identity of being a malaysian, second to appreciate their own culture. why not look at what we have in a different angle?

    a. malaysian culture – universal value and culture
    b. each race culture – to be maintained and shared with one another
    c. SRK and SRJK to adopt more english subjects, followed by BM. for SRJK, cut down on mother tongue subjects ….. SRK/SMK 65% english 35% BM , SRJK = 50% english 35% BM 15% mother tongue. with this breakdown of subjects composition, then the “Ketuanan Melayu” group can’t accuse the SRJK for not being patriotic and cause racial disunity. if the SRJK want to study more mother tongue, then they can have additional hours to study. that will make them no matter what, must be able to grasp the required BM exposure and they can communicate equally as fluent as SRK/SMK students.

    but i still don’t see the point of DN knights accusing people who graduated from chinese/tamil schools aren’t patriotic. does it mean those malay parents who send their children to chinese schools aren’t patriotic? or does that mean the malay children, when they grow up, they aren’t patriotic? i hope you can have a good chat with those malay parents who send their kid to chinese school and ask them why they do so?

    ODS: Thank you jebat’s fren for your comments.

    1. Well, as you mentioned, you are a Pakatan suppoter, in which Pakatan looking forward towards abolishing ISA and that made me suprised with your thoughts.

    Since one of the principal stand is to abolish ISA, perhaps it is not wrong if anyone wanted to express their thoughts and ideas and there’s no consequences to the person in expressing his/her/their ideas and thoughts. In other wirds, when such thing happens or occurs (like what the DN Knights is doing), Pakatan supporters should not think of ISA, be it enforcing, implementing or any IF questions. Reason being, Pakatan voiced freedom of speech, and based on Pakatan’s pricipal, what DN Knights is doing is not against what Pakatan fights for. Right? By the way, if there’s any doings that triggers ISA to be enforced, be it pro Barisan, pro-Pakatan, or any kind of pro, will not escape the action.

    2. In regards with medium of language, it has been stated in the constitution the usage should be Bahasa Malaysia. So to speak, English should not be the primary language for medium of teachings. Moreover, I guess, by your suggestion, you will attract anti-PPSMI to your idea. Consider they are against usage of English just for Maths and Science, why should they agree with your idea to make English as primary language? And do remember, PAS as a member of Pakatan joins the rally for anti-PPSMI. Care to elaborate to PAS, some PKR members and non-political who are against English for Maths and Science for your suggestion?

    3. As for my concerns on methodologies, I raised that due to comparisons made by some (staing that why the parents not sending to SKs due to poor quality of SKs etc). By right, by your own argument saying that you are from SMK, the one who saying SKs is lower quality is not producing a correct view and made assumptions on SKs. 🙂

    4. Care to show me how Barisan implement divide and rule? I’m sorry as I cannot see your argument. If during British Colonisation, I can see it. Majority of each races were well described by their occupation – e.g. most Malays were farmers, Chinese for business and ore mining, Indians for labor work and estates. Please show me Barisan has been rule and divide us for more than 50 years. 🙂

    5. So, since we have quite a number of discussions, do you still see me as paid blogger? 🙂

    6. “each race should first have common identity of being a malaysian, second to appreciate their own culture.” In your opinion, what it should be?

    Saying it is easy, but to implement it is not that easy if we cannot tolarate to what have been arranged. Respect, tolerance, give and take are the important elements of creating better Malaysian. Failing which, will lead to instability and unharmonious condition. However, since you are saying that Barisan implemented divide and rule policy, do show me and the readers later on (after you prove to us Barisan divide and rule)how we can have better intergration and tolerance.

    From where I stand, I cannot see divide and rule policy. Each profession have ethnic polarisation. Each ethnic have doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. However, the level of per capita income of each race that shows the Bumis still way lagging behind, followed by the Indians and of course the Chinese topped the rank, earning the highest (and do consider the top rich list of Malaysians). Due to this gap, with majority of Malaysians are the bumis and having low income, something ought to be done. Right?

    And thank you for being not an extremist. And by far, thank you for expressing thoughts sensibly. To tell you the truth, your tone of comments are way different when you started. 🙂

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