PDRM Can Be Politicized Too?

Some may have read JMD’s piece on racism issue or maybe The Might of The Pen’s piece (only that I have been wondering how I can get this while making 4 clicks on the web page…see below).

2 million hits but not moving (see the "hits" section)
2 million hits but not moving (see the “hits” section)

It seems to me that politicizing issues has reached to the area of civil servants and force who are deemed on duty not based on political idealogies, but based on serving the country. For me it is normal to raise questions on politicians’ activities, decisions, opinions and expenditures, but I find it disturbing to raise issues on civil servants scope of duties especially duties of uniform bodies. Moreover, even while serving the nation without no political ideologies, some accuse racism is there within workforce..aiyoo..

Being a normal citizen on the street, I opine that critics should be able to differentiate issues on political and civil issues. The most criticized of course our police force. Despite serving us days and nights, trying to keep peace and making sure we sleep soundly at nights, they have been criticized heavily. They have been accused of pro-UMNO and pro-Barisan, without realizing in the event Pakatan rules, they will still act as peace keeper and crime solver.

Below are my opinions based on some issues and my views given as a civilian trying to understand and respect police job scope.

Police’s Budget and keeping peace.

One of my commentator questions on expenditure of police during the 5 by-elections which claimed to be “unreasonable”. Why? Reason being, if we, the normal citizen got to incur costs in organizing a simple event, what more to the police in making sure the by-elections are run peacefully. Their transport, their extra work allowance etc. Their budget are only allocated on normal duties, not for duty on election day. So, as at when by-election arises, PDRM’s budget would be busted. Maybe one or two is acceptable, but 5? Come on. Imagine if you only budgeted for two KFC family meal a month, but your kids asking for more (and you follow their request or else they will not stop crying), wouldn’t your pocket “koyak”?

Their annual budget are planned based on normal rate of activities. Normal in sense of solving crimes, patrolling neighbourhoods, solving cases, etc. Perhaps the crime rate are reported to be high, but please consider the population of Malaysian this year alone and compare to which ever year you compare with. And not to forget, at which era are we living in. And do bear in mind, crime can be caused from various reasons and influence. Perhaps, with current technology is also one of the contributors of crime rate in Malaysia.

Solving and curbing crime is never cheap. Although our crime rate are not as described in Hollywood movies (e.g in Batman Begins whereby Lieutenant Gordon said” We start carrying semiautomatics, they buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar, they buy armor-piercing rounds“), yet still costs will be incurred. Even to ensure peaceful neighbourhood, police got to patrol the area most of the times, especially when we are fast asleep because crimes never sleep. It can happen at any point of time. And by patrolling neighbourhood, at least the police will incure fuel consumption. We complained on fuel price for us to get to work, but do we concern on police fuel budget? They travel more than we do. How about patrol car maintainance? We send our car to service every 5000km which may be once a month. But them? I’m pretty sure their turnaround car service is higher than normal citizen.

Or you expect them to use bicycle to patrol? Brilliant, but not brilliant enough. Since in media we can see criminals using cars and motorcycles, can you imagine our finest chasing them using bicycles? Good luck with that. Sure will get attention from world media if our cops manage to chase mobilized criminal using bicycle. Or perhaps our cops able to chase mat rempits and speeding cars.

Police Force and their line of duty

Solving and curbing crimes also never been easy. Every single day there will some smart alec trying to a least cheat people and do something bad or trouble. And with the INTELLIGENCE and power available to protect and serve, PDRM got to do what they got to do. I do not know since when some of us are better in having resources and eyes in solving and curbing crimes, but it seems some nowadays are more expert from police. Funny thing is, they do not even study on how to do investigations. And much more tickle me, suddenly they are the expert of the law.

The obvious we can see actually, post GE12, we can see law “experts” inteprete law according to their understanding. Suddenly they become the investigating officer, the solicitor, the jury, the judge and the prosecutor. Sometimes I wonder, have they even think the consequences of making wrong judgment? Consequences here and the afterworld. Oh wait, there is a clause  – “why do you listen to me? I’m only giving my opinion.” I do not know since when we condone in taking law into our own hands.

We need them to keep certain balance in the society. I wonder, who and where you will go to when you are in trouble? Why do some criticize the police but in the same time lodging police reports when they are in trouble?

Police and Riots

One of avid commentators in JMD encountered me on this. We have seen examples around the world on how protestors and riots being encountered by police. Some got battred, some even being shot. But in Malaysia, the protestors are lucky to be thrown by tear gas and shoot with water dissolve the riots.  I wonder if they were thrown with grenades and hit hard by batons like what happened in some part of the world. Perhaps, they wanted it badly.

Yet still, our police do not do that. Our police acted in line in keeping things in control. The riots being shot with water and thrown with tear gas as the riots provokes and test the police. At some events, permits have been issued, but protestors acted beyond permission given. The recent protest of PPSMI shown that police got to do what they got to do. The permit was given for area surrounding Masjid Negara, not for protestors to move towards Istana Negara. Remember when we were kids, if we go beyond the area that our parents permitted us, we would be receiving punishment from our parents. Unless of course your parents just smile and say, “Go on, go to the area I forbid you to go.”

Police and by-elections

Some say we do not need police during by-elections. Do we? We have seen acts and antics of some supporters. Some crossed the line and I verily believe that in the absence of police force, fights will broke out. And when that happens, public will easily pin point to police for not doing their job. Fair? I don’t think so. So much for disciplined politics supporters and sympathizers.

And to ensure peace thorugh out the by-elections, as mentioned before, will incur costs, at least for patrol the area. More cost will be incurred if the DUN or Parliament area is wide. Plus, they have to ensure the safety since the first day of the supporters start campaigning. So, dear arah, RM13 million as quoted by you might be reasonable. Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu are Parliament area, which covers some DUNs. Logically, these area would incur more cost rather than the DUNs’ by-elections.

However, one thing I could not understand with Pakatan’s people. Sorry to say, you will only thank and congratulate them in the event Pakatan wins, but whenever you lose, accusations will only be heard. So much for fairness (Keadilan).

Police and Public

We, as public and normal civilian can always complain the incompetence of PDRM, but seldom acknowledge their fast act in trying to serve the nation. With their petty pay, they try to serve the nation well. For me, with us living in world wide web era, high rate of crime should not be the responsibilty of the police only in curbing and preventing it. We should also give our helping hand in doing so. How many of us have misjudged as “our neighbour” is moving when the fact is burglars moving your neighbours things? Should high crime be politicized, while the actual fact PDRM is trying their best in prevent and solving crime?

Sometimes it is easy to pin-point others mistakes, but I wonder, to those who bad mouth the police, what will you do if you are in their place? What will you do to lessen the crime rate?

I wonder, if Pakatan takes over, what will they do to PDRM? Since police (and court) is entirely wrong under Barisan, what will they do to ensure safety and justice for rakyat? PDRM will still serve the rakyat and ruling government. Do not bad mouth them being tool of Barisan, as same will do whenever Pakatan takes over.

They are “tool” to peaceful and harmonious life, but never politicize their role in keeping peace and harmony.

Further info on Polis DiRaja Malaysia can be read here.

Ondastreet’s view: We should be able to respect police’s role in keeping peace and balanced society. They are not political tool, but ambassador to peace and harmony..or do we want them to be just like another normal security guard like we see in shops and premises?


4 thoughts on “PDRM Can Be Politicized Too?

  1. Thanks Bruther! I have made the qualifications. Hope it is ok with you?

    ODS: Dear Dato,
    At least there is a safety clause. However, after reading the article back and giving some thought, which time frame do you refer to these Muslims warriors?

    I say this, Dato, because during the glorious days of Islamic Caliphs, some got married to the woman of the conquered nation/ country/ states not because of fulfilling their lusts.

    Wrong reference (in this case is time, as I believe there are muslims who have been misguided and misunderstood throughout time), especially when quoting examples of other religion followers acts and views (in this case – Islam)will lead to critcism and for that, I don’t want it to happen to you.

  2. Greetings Saudara,

    This whole issue of Pakatan accusing BN of ‘misusing’ the police force or any other government machinery is biased at best. If Pakatan starts a ruckus and the police turn up to contain the situation, does it mean the cops are lopsided?

    One thing for sure, Pakatan will act similarly, at the very least, if such government machinery is at their disposal.

    Take Ronnie Liu’s take on the OSA recently. Yesterday they claim OSA to be a tool used by BN to cover their cronies, today they use the same legislative act to do the same.

    Waste of time trying to justify anything to their kind. It’s like talking to a wall. No point debating when the other party’s already made up their minds.

    Such flip-flop from Pakatan. Today OSA, tomorrow ISA? Will they then say ISA is crucial to maintaining public order if it becomes their tool?

    Voters better think long and hard. Last thing you want is some overzealous, vengeful politicians taking control of the cops, ISA, OSA etc. especially given the way they’re behaving now.


    ODS: Yes saudara Melayu Lama. This why exactly I wrote “They have been accused of pro-UMNO and pro-Barisan, without realizing in the event Pakatan rules, they will still act as peace keeper and crime solver”, in which at any point of time, as you suggested, Pakatan will use the same methodolgy with new brand name.

    Thank you for dropping by and chip in good comments.

  3. another story telling trying to justify police’s action. let’s just say not 100% are pro-UMNO. but unfortunately the top brass is under the influence/control of BN and will take command, yes dato/tan sri/dato seri.

    then order is given to ma chai and do you think the police can say no?

    the police is doing their job? big joke ….. pls deploy more police on the ground to prevent crimes from happening. the only time i see police in the hundreds and thousands are when they are there to curb demonstrations by PR. demonstrations by UMNO youth, just keep quiet and smoke in their kereta. take the hailer “sila balik , sila balik”. if PR supporters, “saya bagi amaran akhir” and later on you see tear gas and water being shot at the protestors. hello, the citizens are not blind. obviously i am not blind, i was at the bersih rally.

    i saw no action was taken when umno demonstrated in penang, bar council and anywhere. except PPSMI gathering ……don’t believe me. pls watch out for more UMNO gathering/protest and see what happen next…

    ODS: Ah..finally you come to drop by..thank you for dropping your comments in this petty blog.

    If you happen to read my disclaimer, my opinion is given based on what I see and probably not being agreed by some. Well, perhaps what you see is different from mine.

    Every uniform body are binded by law, not by any Tan Sri/Dato or even Tun. There’s no exception for PDRM. They will carry out their duty as lined in the law. They will act accordingly, be it Barisan rules or Pakatan rules. May I ask, whenever there’s official function in states controlled by Pakatan, do PDRM do not carry their job? Make sure the ceremony or occasion being carried out in a peaceful manner? I still can see they do their job as usual.

    I even got summoned due to passing red light last year in Selangor after GE, yet the police still do their job and summoned me. I see no difference or prejudice when they carry out their job. They did not even say “hey, this is Pakatan’s state, we only serve and protect Barisan supporters only. You may go”. If so, I should get my refund. Haha!

    Police’s job is more than what you see. Their attire depends on job or duty. What you see during the rally and such occasions are those in uniforms, but you don’t see are those in casual wears, as civilians, or in Bahasa Malaysia “Pereman”. They carry out their duties not in formal uniform. They cannot be identified easily. These are the type who collect information and do undercovers. Even myself cannot identify them. In other words, they work as spies you can see in movies, except of course no cool gadgets and not that handsome. That’s why you cannot see them. And that’s why crime is getting more organised as a cause don’t want to be caught. That’s why it is easier to catch the shrimps rather the sharks, reason being the shrimps failed to cover their tracks. Use your sense, if you are a thief, should you cover your track, or you just steal in the open and limelight?

    Unless of course, you love to see every single catch and every single case solved being shown in news and TV. I think you’ll get bored with it and find nothing special if it is shown in news. I just wonder if you like every day you see headline “Pencuri barang kedai runcit ditangkap polis”, or “Perompak ditangkap ketika pertama kali cuba merompak”. Boringla bro.

    No action taken against UMNO protestors? Do you read news? Police do take action against Khir Toyo for his rally. Khairy’s rally do being reported as illegal and report being lodged by Pakatan members. The difference is, you don’t see in news on the subsequent news. If you want, go find one. Isn’t Pakatan love to find fault?

    I have been reading lots of your comments and certainly you are focusing on the bad ones. It’s ok, but you conveyed it as those are beyond help. Pakatan also not angels. They are humans.

    And please, not all can be politicized. Just wondering, if in the event Pakatan takes control, are you sure that Malaysia will be 100% corrupt free? 100% free from crime? If yes, I want to see it in the states controlled by Pakatan. Then I’ll support Pakatan with all my heart. Period! 🙂

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