FAM: Full Time, Sudden Death or Shoot Out

I guess Malaysians are aware of what had happened last few days on local football scene. Or at least the world already got the news.

Considering the no credit for success in Merdeka Cup (but credit went to KJ..hmm?), packed up early in AFF Suzuki Cup and humiliated by 5 goals by UAE sent and Assistant Manager Soh Chin Aun and Head Coach B Sathianathan termination of service. Weird thing is, why just the two of them? More over, when someone clearly stated that it is his KPI for Malaysian World Rankings. So, when we got beaten up, someone else got sacked due to his incompetency. Read clearly what he said in his postings:

KJ's article on Malaysian Football
KJ's article on Malaysian Football

Clearly, he himself, capabable as Deputy President FAM and given the responsibilty as the Team Manager, which in his very own article said “Menyedari hakikat ini, saya selaku orang yang dipertanggungjawab oleh KDYMM Tuanku Presiden FAM untuk menjaga pasukan kebangsaan menjadikan isu ‘ranking’ ini sebagai salah satu penunjuk aras pencapaian atau KPI utama dalam menilai status perkembangan bolasepak tanah air.”, how does the bad things happened to Datuk Soh and Coach Sathianathan? Both of them are ex-national player, with vast experience in local and international football, get booted.

In Kosmo, two full page of articles written on the reactions and opinions on FAM decision. You can read these:

Perlu pengurus sepenuh masa ;

Jurulatih bukan punca kegagalan skuad negara?

There are some other articles in those two pages, but clearly, seems managers, coaches and players do not put the blame on both of Datuk Soh and Coach Sathianathan. More over, in Kosmo, there is a list of coaches that have coached National team, be it local, or international. And of course, one of the coaches was Ken Worden, who coach Selangor to victories in local football scene. We had also Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, who was also a success in Terengganu and Perlis team. So, is it the coaches?

The earlier article indeed an eye catcher- we do need full time manager. However, we have currently a MP member, fighting for KP UMNO post, strategising by-election in KT, claiming success when Malaysia went to the finals of Merdeka Cup 2008, but claim to hand over the management of the team when team losses. Is this a type of manager we want? Or is it because the title is “manager”, leadership examplry is not required?

I stated in an earlier article that “Only that, if we go down, should only the Malaysian team to be blamed, not the manager too? Try to be fair, whenever Malaysia win, KJ get the praise, but when we lose, Malaysian team get the whacking.” This time, it is not the team got the whacking, innocent Datuk Soh and Coach Sathianathan got it. Weird, after so much good deeds made by Datuk Soh on the football pitch, he got sacked for somebody else’s resposibility.



Words on the street – it is either FAM do it in FULL TIME, or get SUDDEN DEATH or being SHOOT OUT!


3 thoughts on “FAM: Full Time, Sudden Death or Shoot Out

  1. good article bro. syabas. hopefully FAM will correct what is wrong and improve what is lacking. but more importantly, FAM must get rid of KJ. He is just riding the football organisation to further his image. That is why when football wins something, he takes the credit.
    All will see his insincerity when he refuses to take the blame whenever the team losses.
    KJ will do whatever it takes and grab whatever the opportunities he could find just to satisfy his lust for public attention.
    Unfortunately, FAM gets the full impact of his meddling. Having passion is not the main criteria to become the deputy president. you must have leadership skills and ability to drive the organisation. KJ failed to steer FAM into the KPI that was set in the beginning.
    He is full of hot air. Helped by the incessant rant of his pro bloggers (who by the way, often give ridiculous point of arguments to strengthen their political stand), KJ will bulldoze his way towards the deconstruction and regression of Malaysia.
    What is there to be proud of? He had his chance. Bersaralah dari politik dan dunia bola. Buat perabih boreh la jang!

    ODS: Thanks bro. Well, it sounds different at bengkel waziboy, whereby one of the commentators said that KJ has passed the resposibility as manager to Datuk Soh. I guess the word “accountability” does not clearly defined in their books. 🙂

  2. Cheap dan murah orang tepi jalan macam korang. Tulis blog dan cakap belakang pandailah. Pergilah masuk UMNO dan FAM kalau berani.

    ODS: Saudara, terima kasih kerana berkunjung ke blog yang “murah” ini. Ada cadangan yang membina?

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