Malaysian Lions for Lambs?

Finally, while watching Arsenal versus Bolton and skipping channels while waiting for goals to be scored (eventually just 1-0 scored by Bendtner..woohooo!) yesterday, I came across a film that I have watched it and still like to watch it – Lions for Lambs, which will be premiering at HBO this 18th January 2009. This is last two years movie, starred by Robert Redford, Maryl Streep and Tom Cruise. The taglines for the movie are:

If you don’t STAND for something, you might FALL for anything; and

What do you: live…die…fight…stand for?

The movie basically plotting three stories told simultaneous in ninety minutes of real time: a Republican Senator who’s a presidential hopeful gives an hour-long interview to a skeptical television reporter, detailing a strategy for victory in Afghanistan; two special forces ambushed on an Afghani ridge await rescue as Taliban forces close in; a poli-sci professor at a California college invites a promising student to re-engage. Decisions press upon the reporter, the student, and the soldiers.

What I am attracted to this movie are the message behind the three stories. And somehow, those messages made my mind lingers on what is happening to our current scenario in Malaysia, especially caused by political scene. I know, we are not sending our troops to Afghanistan or any war or battle. Just a normal routine in safeguarding our nation from any outside threats, as what a country with army will do. However, I relate these messages to our stories especially post GE12 last year.

It has been a year since last GE, yet we are in political  struggle. A struggle between BN and PR that caused us fortunes. Fortunes in sense the time, efforts, ideas, and resources that should be used in order for us to sailing through rocking world economic condition, rather than used for politicking.

From my point of view, I would say that the two of the stories were due to this one story which has Tom Cruise as Senator Jasper Irving, a charismatic Presidential hopeful Senator and Meryl Streep as Janine Roth, a journalist. It is due to politcal decision that made such two stories, one from the perspective of the army, and another from civilian’s view. Well, clearly the political decision costs lives and resources of the army, who does not question orders. As for civilian’s point of view, well, hmm..sounds more like us, maybe not me, but rocky, bigdog, Syed Akbar Ali, JMD, Kijangmas, another brick on the wall, Nobisha, Jed Yoong, Husin LempoyangDarah Tuah, Doc Sid, Piggy Singh, and Wenger J Khairy, to name a few, who have given thoughts and views on current issues. The list said does not include opinions at mamak stall, warung kopi, kopitiams or perhaps hotel lounges!

In the said movie, it was in regards with war in Afghanistan. In our real world, Malaysian scene, we have seen such incidents that causes public to question decision made by our political leaders, be it BN or PR. We have seen signals given from pre-GE and post GE, but seems ignored. We have heard issues on Hindraf, Jerit, Pigs’ farm, Hudud, IJN privatisation, Oil Price, Pak Lah resignation, DSAI’s 16th September, Bahasa Melayu v Bahasa Malaysia, Public School v Vernacular School, Ex-Gratia payments, Legal Reform, Bar Council and perhaps, the latest by-election in Kuala Terengganu, whereby we can hear noises, especially from the BN camp itself. Frankly, by reading sources in regards with this by-election, I would say, it’s gonna be tough and rough for BN. Wenger J Khairy has provided an analogy of war for this by election, which I consider it as brilliantly done, except on comments in regards to KJ, which I prefer to be “no comment” (out of this topic). Consider the bolded issues, these has happened and is happening just within months of less than two years!

I’m not saying that all leaders are Lambs, but I am certain that the Lions who are being used for the cause of such issues. Lucky, the decisions made so far have not caused any lives to be sacrificed.

Seriously speaking, if the each of Malaysians have answered the two taglines as above, the Malaysian Lions will roar! Only that, Malaysians used to use Tigers. Okay, Malaysian Tigers roar!

Lions for Lambs
Lions for Lambs

Words on the street – Malaysian Tigers have shown the signals and signs since GE12. Please wake up my dear leaders. Even though you are not a lamb, there might be a chance that you’ll be eaten by the Tigers too!



5 thoughts on “Malaysian Lions for Lambs?

  1. Hey Ondastreet,
    Well today was exceptionally high traffic day, so I had to pay my share of toll.
    Quick question – what happens if we all just act as Lambs? The mistake is that the media barrons thought that each of the Lion issue pits the majority against the minority – this is old school thinking, if somebody wants to win support, they must campaign on universal values.

    Just my two cents worth, keep up your blogging and ONE NIL TO THE ARSENAL!

    ODS: Good quick question Mr WJK. IF we all just act as lambs, then certainly we are no exception in making a fool out of ourselves. But I guess, the likes of you would not consider yourself acting like a lamb, do you?

    Well, there is some exceptions of lambs between the lions – the ones who followed blindly and always trying to ‘menegakkan benang yang basah’. I know, no one is perfect, but let the act and decision done does not bring more harm than good, though not getting popular support. 🙂

    As for Arsenal, another win for getting the spirit back and a long way to go!

  2. Ondastreetman,
    I think the right Lamb issue will win votes. Notice how developed countries play their politics, very little divide and conquer mentality.

    To me I am comfortable playing a Lamb because the way you have framed it, playing a Lion issue is the wrong tactic. All those issues you have highlighted above has not on average increased BN support by an iota. In fact it has decreased BN support, and soon it will be confirmed in KT.

    I always want to win, and if winning means doing a a lamb, then do a lamb.

    However, I had to reread your article a couple of times, and I still have a sneaky suspicision that I may have intepreted it in the wrong way.

    ODS: Haha. The usual norma is Lambs for Lions, which defines relationship between hunter and prey. In animal world, the strong will overpower the weak, be it through strenght or intelligence. However, since animal brain cannot be compared with humans, we would see the some scenario that the prey stood still eventhough hunter is very near. In which, we see the prey is stupid enough not to recognize danger. Keyword – Stupid.

    Lambs are at times smart (at least to live and eat), but look stupid and do shows they are stupid at times when being hunted or in danger.

    I’m not bearly saying humans are stupid, but we can hear term people label “bodoh macam lembu”.

    Well, maybe, you and the readers have different type of interpretation. The definition of “Lamb” and “Lions”, I leave it to you and the readers. 🙂

  3. Lucky them to have such opportunities to lead a country even it seems that they are not academically qualified (if there is such a Degree in Country Leadership – BI will fail first).

    Funny thing about politics is, civilians favor people they like, not whether they can do the job. Backed by external source, they (the stupid pro westeners/jews) appear to be more credible than people who really fighting for the land.

    I hope thing will get even better, Lions and Lambs, thanks for such a great post 😀

    ODS: Be it academically qualified or not, I just want them not to act stupid. Worse, if the leader(s) has/have academic qualification, but still make stupid and/or bad decisions or acting stupid.

    I do hope things get even better too. Thanks for dropping by Mr Ahfa! 🙂

  4. Thank you ondastreet for coming to my defence in my blog. I response as follows
    “Thank you ondastreet.
    It is not easy for me to walk a fine line in the open..more so when i am still an active politician walking the balance of BN and it’s component party…BN and PAKATAN…i believe there must be a point for the meeting of minds..however it is not easy in reality as you see that i cannot be totally honest and neither can i be absolutely free to state my mind….whether it is for or against diverse Msian views…even walking in between can be perceived as a “crime”.
    I have someone who commented i ought to be spat in the face for rational thinking and writing here(which i did not publish)..there’s so much emotional thinking among Msians…differing opinions or degree is normal and healthy but Msians are getting very intolerant of differing viewpoints…sad isn’t it?

    ODS: Indeed it is sad, Dato. Sometimes I do wonder, some tend to laugh at the MPs for such act in Parliament or in public. Some claim the leaders can’t argued well, but it seems some of us have not learn and try to argue sensibly.

    Thank you for dropping by. Just trying to be sensible and rational when giving out thoughts and opinions. 🙂

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