Me’Mawi’kan Astro

This article is not dedicated to newly wed Mawi and Ekin. This is more towards the long ‘festive’ made Sultan Astro in publicizing Mawi’s wedding ceremony to the max. I guess that we are all aware that Mawi is under Astro’s management, and it is up to the management discretion to do whatever they like with their shooting star.

However, it has become concern to the Astro customers that it has been overly done. An interview made by Berita Harian on this can be viewed here in regards this grand celebration of Mawi’s wedding. Let us look on some of the ‘interesting’ feedback by Astro on this grand occassion. Shall we?

“Bagi kami, program perkahwinan Mawi dan Ekin adalah acara besar kami pada hujung tahun apatah lagi status Mawi sebagai penyanyi paling popular. Namun dengan penyiaran program itu, tidak bermakna kami ketandusan program menarik. ”

“Kami memberi pilihan dan keselesaan kepada pelanggan menonton di masa lebih sesuai. Bermakna memberi waktu yang lebih fleksibel. Namun dengan menyiarkan ulang tayang ini, tidak bermakna mengurangkan program baru di Astro.”

“Kami tidak jual acara ini kepada penaja yang beli waktu penyiaran keseluruhan. Kami hanya buat liputan terperinci saja iaitu acara akad nikah pada 20 Disember lalu hingga majlis makan malam pada 11 Januari. Semua yang kami lakukan ini hanya untuk tatapan peminat Mawi dan pelanggan Astro.”

“Sekali lagi ingin saya jelaskan di sini supaya tiada pihak yang keliru. Hak eksklusif menyiarkan acara pada 11 Januari ini yang berlangsung di Hotel Palace of the Golden Horses hanya milik Astro, dengan bekerjasama dari RTM. Jadi, untuk mereka yang tidak mempunyai Astro dapatlah menontonnya di saluran RTM pada masa yang ditentukan oleh pihak RTM.”

It is indeed that Mawi is a superstar. No doubt about it. We have had also seen wedding reception of mega stars like Yusry-Erra and Dato K- Siti Nurhaliza (at that point of time), when the key word used “EXCLUSIVE”, whereby at certain and specific point of time, viewers can watch the wedding. If fans wanted to watch more or can have enough of it, they can buy VCDs or DVD’s of the wedding, with their own money and not interrupting other who does not want to watch it again.

With Astro repeating it on nearly all available channels ( lucky they cannot do it on HBOs, Discovery Channels or ESPNs), it has limited show times for other shows. I guess, such customers who subscribe to other payable channel, they have the option to change the channel. However, how about the customers that subscribe basic channels? How about those in Sabah and Sarawak whereby they subscribe Astro as their hardly get coverage for their TV reception? Do they pay to watch Mawi and Ekin over and over again?

As per the statement given, I guess it is ok for Mawi and Ekin’s fans, but how about those who had enough of them? Not all Astro subscribes are craving for Mawi and Ekin every single day. If the options are to watch basic channels as TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, TV8 and TV9, better wise they do not subscribe ASTRO and use normal TV settings whereby only electricity bills involved. No extra RM39.99 anymore. For example of options as reported in Malaysiakini.

Flexibility to watch is a good option, but by over doing it, it will ruin not only Astro reputation (which the issues involving repitition of shows..and already brought up in Parliament!), it will give some impact to Mawi’s. There is a possibility that Astro, who bring Mawi into World of Entertainment, but it will be Astro to dig the grave for Mawi’s popularity.

Although Astro is a big company, but do remember, lots of big companies can crumble to the earth for misplanning and overdoing things. Maybe the rule of “customer is always right” but if lots of your customers voice about it, then, something should be done.

Wedding of the year 2008 in Malaysia
Wedding of the year 2008 in Malaysia

Words on the street – Mawi & Ekin’s wedding can be considered overly exposed..or is it because the sponsors paid so much for advertising?


2 thoughts on “Me’Mawi’kan Astro

  1. Salam perjuangan,

    Only one thing that pisses off Pemuda IKS about Astro: MONOPOLY! It goes the same to Streamyx and all the other companies that is the only provider to a certain service.

    First of all, they can do whatever they feel to since there are no competitors: pricing, service fault, etc.

    From monopoly, profit is a priority rather than customer satisfaction. We as the customers, just consume to whatever is presented on the table.

    So for this Mawi case, just watch!

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

    ODS: Thanks for your opinion Pemuda IKS.

    Just a little bit sharing of knowledge. I guess Streamyx is no longer considered as monopoly. For communication purposes, Malaysians are opened with options from TM Streamyx or IPVPN, Digi, Maxis broadbands, TimeTelecom, etc. So, Streamyx is no longer sole provider/monopolist.

    As for Astro, I do not opine them as monopoly. The likes of ESPN, HBO and Discovery channel that opted Malaysian to subscribe Astro. Example: Mamak stall used to have small TVs to show basic channels, but since Astro provided ESPN, I guess you can see lots of people gathered at Saturday and Sunday nights to watch Barclay’s Premier League.

    Again, thank you for your opinion. 🙂

  2. Salam ODS,

    TV3 used to do the same during Siti’s wedding, the broadcast was an exclusive right to TV3.

    I trust ASTRO better compared to TV3. I wonder how did Dato Farid Ridzuan come with a claim that TV3 still maintains the highest rating. Will plenty of interesting channels offered by ASTRO, TV3 will be dying soon.

    Plus the Malay drama braodcasted by TV3, I would say most of them are insulting the intelligent, especially the ones produced by Yusuf Haslam.

    I can’t be blogging often now as my day time job is now invading my leasure time.


    ODS: For quite some time haven’t heard from you, Mr Singh.

    TV3 did nearly the same, but not as often as Astro is doing. After the wedding reception was done, it was done. But not by repeating it every single day like Astro does currently.

    In regards with TV3 popularity, I believe that there was some arrangements made between Media Prima and Astro in regards with channels under Media Prima, in which benefits Media Prima.

    Think of this, considering the public watch news and the best available are the pioneers in news – RTM and TV3, will I let go my stations to be challenged by Astro? If yes, if I am Dato Farid, I will not sign any collaboration with Astro, and neither RTM. Astro feeds on Astro Ria, Prima, Oasis, Awani and some other paid channels.

    On the dramas or telemovies, I rarely watch them as my time is mostly occupied with some other things. Yet still, I enjoy whenever I watch some good local movies. 🙂

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