New year, Old stories

In a few hours time, we will be in year 2009, a new year in normal world calendar year. year after new year (Awal Muharam was a few days ago), which I assume that some Muslims by name look forward to celebrate this new year rather than Awal Muharram. Well, as usual, gather at any crowded places such as Dataran or KLCC, and entertainment provided, be it from TV stations or private arrangement. Only that I hope no Muslims will be involved in sex party.

In the brink of new dawn of a new day in a new year, while some of us are preparing to have bashes of parties and celebrations, our Muslims brothers and sisters of Palestines are facing terror of Israelis. Maybe to some it is not significant and not our war, but think of this, my dear Muslims and friends. Imagine if you are going to face a war, or more likely a mass slaughter by your enemy, but in the same time, your neighbours and friends are up to celebrations and parties, how do you feel?

Some of us claimed as Muslims and in Islam, we are brothers and sisters of them. I wonder what this Surind or any other fella who thinks Islam as terrorist will say about this. And I wonder if Bush would label the Israelis as terrorist. Consider the weaponary of Israelis and Palastines, will the Palastinians survive? Or is it consider as a war rather than massacre? Some discussions I heard from Irish radio  – RTE; this afternoon (morning in Ireland of course) whereby the Irish correspondent in the nearby country who’s doing the coverage stating the war is for Israelis against Hamas political movement. Interesting enough when the reporter opine that this war campaign is not going to solve Israel’s problem with Hamas, whereby Hamas is an ideological politic idea, which, in the event the leader is being killed, someone can replace in time. This opinion on Israel approach reminds me of Bush trying to topple Saddam Hussein years ago. USA may have Iraq under their power, but with the cost of US soldiers life. In other simple word, a political idea cannot be solved by military way.

Whatever it is, it is the old stories yet again due to the fact, this Palastine issue has been long due and yet Muslims especially neighbouring Arabs nearly do nothing about it, except for some efforts and war struck way years ago whereby Egypt and Syria lost to Israel.

In other story, Pemuda IKS has popped some questions in previous article, which later on I have a longer answer than what I have provided before. It is about hope for 2009 and UMNO/BN. Pemuda IKS in opines that PR is shattering piece by piece, and by latest news, Manikavasangam quits as PKR Selangor Deputy Liaison Chairman, which can be an advantage for BN to say that PR is having problems and rakyat should not go for PR.

Well, I have different opinion on this. It seems it is undeniable that PR is having issues on policies and some understandings. Each DAP, PKR and PAS have different ideologies which the most significant is DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia versus Islamic Nation by PAS. Main issue – Ideology issues.

Let us look at BN and UMNO especially. For more than 50 years BN has ruled Malaysia, policy issues are unlikely to be BN’s problem. However, for the past few years especially since TDM stepped down, BN leaders are more vulnarable for charachter assasination or indivdual attacks. The likes of Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, Tan Sri Isa Samad and Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek for example where they have kind of unimprassive track record which can reduce the trust from the people. I know that Dato Seri Chua has won in last MCA General Assembly, but that does not mean the he has the trust of the public as a whole. There will be someone outside there who does not agree with leaders who have moral issues. As for Pak Lah and KJ (to name  a few), although their issues is not proven, yet still, issues surrounding them raised some questions and eyebrows (I guess even The Rock will do the same :D). Main issue – Moral/Ethics Issues.

Both are significant and can cause downfall. However, even though we claimed to be modern, Malaysians do consider moral and ethics issues more than ideology. So, I guess Moral and Ethical Issues have more impact rather than Ideology Issues. Ideology and Policy Issues can be worked out by positive discussions and awareness, but Moral is far greater obstacles. Even Nabi Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) mentioned that the biggest war is “melawan nafsu sendiri”, means fighting your own bad side/dark side.

As a comparison, try to list down heavyweight leaders with  moral issues between PR leaders and BN leaders. Who have the greater list and issues? For PR, DSAI is the worst to be considered (and that’s why some theories stated that once PR in power, DSAI will go down). BN? Hmm…(Note: When doing the listing, please clearly distinguish between issues arises due to Moral factor and Political/Idea Factor – example: Karpal Singh for MB Perak issue is more driven towards Political, not directly Moral)

If BN and UMNO yet to change to a positive side, I assume that the leaders of BN and UMNO have not yet learn any lesson. I think stories involving UMNO’s candidate for this PRK should give some ideas..right?

Whatever it is, it is the old stories yet again due to the fact BN has done well enough in getting back the trust of people (ODS Note: Well done for retaining majority, but yet, jangan dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah). It was only realised during PRU12, which, I believe if PRU 12 is held earlier, BN would also win in a similar way. The voices of people sounds insignificant to some leaders (example, undermining the strenght of bloggers input).

Hopes on the street – Better year in 2009, what else? Oh, forgot..World Peace!


8 thoughts on “New year, Old stories

  1. Salam perjuangan,

    Agreed. No parties should be held or attended by Muslim to respect our dear Palestinian brothers. So much disrespectful to conduct such act.

    Agreed. No political ideology can be stopped through mass warfare. Keep trying until you’re fed up. They’ll keep booming.

    Agreed. All Muslims are labeled Terrorists but Jews are good traders. They will never be seen to terrorize since they are using “military” and Muslims are using “militants”. But the missions are the same, “kill”. Jews called it “exterminate”. Muslims call it “Jihad”. Jews did it for humanity and peace (konon-konon, poyo babi). Muslims did it for religious call. As long as the US and British are co-operating it, we will never see peace in Palestine. Only pray and hope for the best.

    Agreed. UMNO nor PR are neither perfect in one sense. Pemuda IKS just feels relieved to see the other side tearing apart rather than spectating own side’s downfall. It’s either change or only miracles could form back UMNO on it’s feet.

    Great article. Lots of tales in one storyline. Keep up!

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

    ODS: Thanks to you by contributing one simple question, and it gives me ideas to write on it. Well done! 🙂

  2. Salam ODS,

    Just got home, we went to climb Bukit G at Melawati to view fireworks held at many places. The advantage was we could see the sky show coming from many sources, such a spectacular view.

    We can’t expect the old system to change, but we as individuals are capable to make it change, however that is the toughest part.

    Imagine during traffic jam, que jumpers come from various age groups, the young, the old and the ones with ketayap as well. My point is if we always put ourselves as the main priority, we only need the system to serve our personal greed.

    Our very existence is not only meant for ourselves. Perhaps if we put some consideration to well being of others, the world may become a better place.

    So why don’t we start this new Hijrah year with a small donation. My true experience, I’ve got nothing to lose with sedekah, in fact without realizing later, I gained more.

    Visit Pak Zawi for more story.

    The reason why I initially link to Pak Zawi coz he is a trusted man. At Pak Zawi’s, look for a link to another blog page. There’s a sad story to share.


    ODS: Salam Mr Singh,

    On the jump on que during traffic jam example, hahaha, can’t agree with you more. I guess some people are being selfish enough to think for themselves. And that’s actually one of the reasons why traffic jams happen.

    I have visited the page before sometime ago and a good blog too. I wonder whether the family has received any organisation help, or has the Amal Jariah Program has reached them. InsyaAllah, I hope that we all that fortunate enough be able to help them or any that shares the same fate.

  3. a lot of stories in this 2008. so many. certain events which have made the Malays to get back together, or maybe we are on our destruction of national unity? im worry about this country’s future, ODS.

    ODS: Yes, could not agree more, especially after GE 12. Our political scene has caught headlines and thus give some impact to whatever within this country. True colours of our political personnels being shown, even their acts in Parliament (even reported in TV3, which regard the acts as reality TV for nation to watch).

    I hope we are not reaching any destruction stage, but there could be possibility the repeat of 13 May if things worsen and no preventive action being taken.

    That’s why I opine, even though some called TDM as dictator, at least, we have a peaceful country and we have survived through thick and thin. Under Pak Lah, it is too open till everything is being strip down for public to see. Remember some line in my fav movie, “A Few Good Men”:

    Kaffee: I want the truth!
    Col. Jessep: [shouts] You can’t handle the truth!

    I guess some cannot handle the truth…or who’s telling the truth?

  4. Salam ODS,

    Anybody who watched that movie would never forget how Jack Nicholson played such a spectacular character.

    13th May revisits? I don’t think so. But if you hang around at Susan’s, you may get pis..d most of the time.

    We (malay, chinese, indian) are being too much politicised for no reason. Did the public initially make the call for ketuanan melayu? Did the public loudly challenge the ketuanan melayu. Those were work of desperate politicians.

    AS I said previously, start to me change with simple things, like stop que jumping.


    ODS: Susan’s? hahaha. No doubt. Well, there some others but yet not famous enough (to us maybe..hehe). I concur that these racial issues played by politicians. No doubt about it. Well, 13 May revisit can happened if there’s no control on it. It can explode in merely short time. That’s why I mentioned earlier there could be possibility the repeat of 13 May if things worsen and no preventive action being taken.

    I pity the malay couple that were killed after watching movie on the brink of 13 May. To think of it, I wonder if they have a son..if yes, will he be the Dark Knight (Note: Wayne’s parents were killed when they went out for a show..right?) Ah, too much TV…

    Only that, we hardly hear this racial issues during TDM’s time. I wonder why. I hope someone who hates TDM can explain this. Sukj perhaps? Or Mr WJK can give his point of view? Anybody?

  5. TDM’s reign was between 1981 – 2003. What was the state of race relations before he took over? On a scale of 1- 10.

    Pak Lah took over in 2003, and we are 5 yrs into his reign. I agree relations are worse off now. I think the reason has to do with a generational shift. We had all heard about the polarization of races in the schools, the unis and now the work force. I was actually schooled overseas, so I did not it first hand.

    These youngsters then came into the workforce and now have to deal with each other outside the confines of an educational system. The mutual distrust continues, and politicians play the game.

    But i congratulate you on idolizing Dr Mahatir. The great, the one and the only Dr. Mahatir. Perhaps you would be more interested to find out why Dr. Mahatir tried so desparately to hide his Indian roots. Remember the generational shift started in his reign and the sum of it was this simple equation he imprinted on peoples psyche.
    Malay = Good, Muslim = Better
    Chinese = Good and Bad.
    Indian = Bad, Hindu = Worse

    I came back to Malaysia after 9 years overseas. I thought i was a citizen, but folk like Dr. Mahatir, Ahmad Ismail, BTN, UMNO, Utusan Malaysia, TV3, and countless other bloggers, -have told me in no uncertain terms that I am a pendatang, even though I have a plastic called a MyKad. Maybe the great Dr. Mahatir was smart after all as the MyKad can be used as a touch and go!

    At first I was depressed, now I am glad. Yes I am a pendatang and in 40 days time, I will move on. 12 years in Malaysia – one of the worst experiences in my life!

    ODS: Thank you for visiting this blog.

    First of all, about the ratings, I would say it isn’t perfect 10, as we had some issues to during TDM premiership. Although not highlightable, but surely there were some which not exposed to public.

    As for relations between races, I would say that we are no where near 13 May state, but as stated earlier, if there is no proper control, revisit might happened. The polarization you mentioned in schools, unis or varsities, and work force are driven by certain factors.

    On school – we already have Sekolah Kebangsaan, yet some prefer to send to other schools, as if Sekolah Kebangsaan is for Malays. I know the term “Sekolah Kebangsaan” is in Malay, but if we translate it will be National School and the purpose is to provide education for all Malaysians.

    On Unis and Varsities – some say it is not fair to other races not being able to be in Public Uni. Is it? If yes, I wonder how I can see other races in such Public Universities (e.g UM, UKM, UPM and UTM)? And some might argue that why majority are open to Bumis, not by merit 100%. I believe, there are certain criteria and characteristics have been outlined to choose students to enter such Unis, but do bear in mind, there are big portion of potentials that have no strong financial background. Compromise has been done by our forefathers knowing that instability in income gap can cause such issue. Education is one gate towards providing the stability. For such stabil Bumis who can afford other options of tertiary education, I believe some opted for other than Public University.

    Just for your info, I get my tertiary education not in Public University, although I got the chance. My family isn’t rich, but at least can afford to sent me to oversea for study using loan. And I believe the place offered was filled by someone who is deserved to be there. Please check average income per race if you want to know what I mean by Uni opportunity. We have not reach a stage where each and every citizen’s problem can be addressed.

    In regards to work force, I would say that were the choices made by one. If some say government bodies are for Bumis, I wonder how PDRM claimed short of chinese and indians and hoping more in time to come. From private sector view, have you read such classifieds or job specs? Some clearly stated that one is required to be able to speak in mandarin. There is one blog that I have read stated that because the company deals with China companies. Then I wonder, if then, the proposed Jambatan Kedua in Penang is a collaboration between Malaysia and China. So, must be able to speak mandarin only? I guess based by the blog, my understanding is the engineers, ground staff and all those management should be able to speak it? My point is this – some have provided the barrier where one should not do.

    When you mentioned that “These youngsters then came into the workforce and now have to deal with each other outside the confines of an educational system. The mutual distrust continues, and politicians play the game”, I would say, please refer to my comments on school part.

    On idolizing TDM, it’s your view because, as far I am concern, I am not saying “The great, the one and the only Dr. Mahatir”. Although he is THE Dr Mahathir, he is also a human, who I believe in his life has done mistakes. He also has flaws, which depends on the eye of the beholder. Only yet, I ask whether his mistakes leads to such situations that caused unrest like now. That’s all. I guess you must have read the 22 Years of Bull, which gives you the interpretation that I am idolizing TDM. The article was written on base of trying to find whether my blogpal, Mr WJK provided strong argument, which in the event the numbers and facts is true we were being bullshitted, there is a chance that I would agree with him. And please read one of my articles entitled “Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!” whereby I stated that it is not really TDM that we missed as one day, he (or anybody, everybody) will die some day, but leadership and stability of Malaysia that we really needed.

    As for your remarks after getting back 9 years and saying that “Yes I am a pendatang and in 40 days time, I will move on. 12 years in Malaysia – one of the worst experiences in my life!”, well, I’m sorry. I may not understand you 100%, but I guess such remarks by the sources you mentioned being interpreted negatively (be it context or scenario and condition). Although you say you only have a plastic called a MyKad, I would say it is a card that provide you the right to be Malaysian. If it is only plastic, I guess, you change the pic and pass to any PATI or illegal immigrant and see how is the reaction of their faces.

    Please read Husin Lempoyang’s article entitled “Tahun baru ini Sang Rimau bukan lagi kambing” and try to read between the lines what is meant by the article in Malaysian context, not Malay context.

    I hope that the feeling as “Pendatang” will be removed from your thoughts soon. As far as I am concern, you are a Malaysian, not Pendatang.

    Thank you.

  6. Dear Ondastreet,
    Its not my country its your country, thanks for calling me a citizen, but the fact is, the majority of the true people of this land deem me a pendatang, whom they regret granting citizenship. To me the entire meaning of life is in Article 153. It is the begining and the end.

    As to the PATI, I believe we used to have MB who had roots outside the country – the right PATI never needs my plastic, he can get his own. In Sabah, they even give it to you provided you come from the right background and will vote BN.

    Trust the majority, go with the flow, get rid of all us pendatangs. I respect Dato’ Ahmad Ismail – to me, whilst your opinion is great, the majority of those who truly are citizens deem me at the minimum as some bad decision made by the British, an unnecessary commodity since replaced by Bangladeshis. Dato Ahmad Ismail spoke what many have in their hearts – he is a true hero, and to I salute him. I thank him dearly.

  7. And I read Husein Lempoyang, he was referring to people of my race as snakes. He purposely left it open ended so that those who want to interpret it one way can have their way. The imagery of the lion was that of the English. The English brought us snakes, and they could not take it back. Thats what he intended to mean – but I do not salute him because he did not say it openly. Be open, be a man. Nothing to worry. Some people are above the law.

    ODS: Reading your comments and postings do describe what you are feeling inside.

    Well, as for Husin Lempoyang’s article, I do interprete in many ways. As a Malay, one should no more holding back, and as Malaysian, no matter what race we are, we belong to the same group. It is just we realize it or not and give what should be given for the country. It is not what the country can give you, but what you can give for your country. These are my interpretations.

    As mentioned earlier, the remarks made are based on situations and conditions. I realize that there are some who are extreme in giving thoughts, and some tend to be more lenient. From my point of view, the remarks made are to those who do not think of others. It is kind of fire versus fire reaction.

    The reason I asked whether during TDM’s time whether we have such issues like these because at that point of time, these extremist did not make such demands and raise such questions. One example is we do not have Hindaf issues back then. A simple question is this. Hindraf made the claim for compensation. Why not others too? Shouldn’t Malay, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun, Orang Asli and other races in Malaysia can also make claims? We can create whatever reason for it. Say Chinese – they are not origin here, so, they being brought here for ore mining and thus left their family behind in China. So, compensation for leaving their family and being ‘pendatang’ here; Bumis can claim because the natural sources of this country has been used by British, and thus, Bumis are eligible for every single cent British and whoever benefit from this country. Have the Hindraf thought of these? And oh yeah, I wonder if the races involved in making “Landasan Keretapi Maut” during World War II can make claims from the Japanese for the losses of lives of Tanah Melayu’s people?

    You see, Bumis don’t raise such fuss when they are not questioned. The “Ketuanan Melayu” has been misinterpreted wrongly and misused by Politicians that led to unrest at one point of time. Dato Ahmad Ismail made the remark due to some extremist questions Malays and Bumis’ rights. As if history has nothing to do and we should move and forget history. And some even have started making their own version of stories – like the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat were not Malays. These kind of act that cause Malays to react. That’s why I said, if no preventive action being taken, the revisit might happen. Nauzubillah.

    As for the name calling, I believe not only Indians with “Keling”, but I’ve heard of “Cina Babi” and “Melayu Bodoh”. Even some trying to reason that the Malay word are nearly being put in dictionary as stupid and lazy (joke or not, still not suitable). I believe you even familar with the term “chinaman“.

    All these issues and the feeling you had are due to the too open approach, which reminds me of one phrase in Jerry Maguire – “brutal truth”. Too brutal that cause such issues. Too brutal that one does not consider what others are thinking.

    And the comments made by you remind me what I’ve written entitled “Manglish, Chinglish and Inglish of Malysian” where there is a part I’ve written:

    “For such reasons of reluctance, they even argued that English is widely used rather than Bahasa. Which, due to the event causes some extremist (but not thinking logically), be it Malay, Chinese, Indians or any other race; regards as by using other than Bahasa Melayu, one should return to the origin country using that language. If so, whoever using English, go back to England; Chinese – go back to China; India – go back to India; Spainish – go back to Spain; French – go back to France; and the list will go on and on. Come on brothers and sisters, where your head’s at? If so, by writing this down, I should ‘return’ to England due to I’m using english as medium of communication for this write up.”

    I hope that you be able to get what I mean by articles I wrote. Some harping ideas of Bangsa Malaysia, but do not give in order to take something. This is one of the old stories that haven’t being solved after many “New Years”.

    Thank you for giving comments that I feel it is a positive for such healthy discussions. I wish you all the best.

    p/s: I do not know whether these comments are from the same person as the comment made earlier using different e-mail and have different IP compared with the last two comments (although using same name). Whatever it is, I see the same alignment of argument.

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