Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!

I have just done some blog hopping after having reply to Mr WJK in his posting – Quick Fixes anyone?, whereby I felt readers can have a good look, sit and think about it and perhaps can give such positive view for a healthy discussion along the road.

However, in between I do feel stuck in a battlefield.  A battlefield between great minds of Malaysians (Only, thank God there isn’t any name calling other than words to show someone is in fantasy) which makes me to agree to to Pemuda IKS in his comment “You guys are no less than the KJ-Husam so called “wacana”. If you were to join forces, the opposition blogs could easily be wiped.”  Be it Doc Sid, Mr Singh, WJK or anybody who has the brains invloves in “blogging war”, I feel the efforts are “wasted” ( sorry, I am clueless with suitable word). Why?

I had the chance to watch the debate or forum between Husam and Khairy/KJ, thanks to link provided by Doc Sid here. I’d say it was a good one, but also given us some unhealthy points. Why?

Both events of the above are more like debates, which debate can be define as a formal discussion in a public meeting or legislature, in which opposing arguments are presented or an argument. However, given the circumstances we are in right now, I would say it brings more harm than good, due to the debate provides more points for the individuals and parties to be attacked. More like a convetional type of war, whereby both parties lined up and shoot each other directly. Both got kills and killed. One may win the battle, but will suffer later due to not enough workforce to rebuild what ever losses during the battle.

The same goes here. By way of conduct, the warfare we see more towards showing bad than good side, not in constructive way (Only that I don’t really agree when Khairy/KJ trying to provoke Husam by saying Husam is going for PAS presidency. It was not the platform to do so.).  Which, in the later time, what ever left we may have the strongest, but not strong by numbers.

Moreover, the parties lining up to kill and be killed are Muslim Malays/Bumiputeras/new brothers and sisters in Islam. I’ve stated earlier in my article “Middle Class Malay Perspective?” whereby “Islam is larger than Malay, however, as for Malaysia, it is a bit unique case. If for not Malay, Bumi and the new brothers and sisters in Islam who will take care of Islam in this country, who will? Do you think that others will fight for us? I wonder if the Islamic Finance introduced in Malaysia was planned by non-muslim? If so, I believe, most of issue pertaining to Islamic issues has been resolved. And I believe, as for the rest of the world, Palastine issue has be resolved much much earlier.” Just imagine, with current technology, one can recall all these debate, dispute and attack the personality of individual involved later, as shown by Mr WJK’s postings (this merely an example, and I am not taking any sides or believe or not to believe). This can happen at any point of time after a war or a debate. This will resulted us by having the strongest without the support of strong numbers.

We claimed to be more democratic, but somehow, we have practised merely in a wrong way. Be it BN or PR, both can be attacked inside out. BN with it current leaders who some have intergrity and leadership issues while PR with policy issues, in which, if not sorted out, could tear apart the coalition in the event they get the mandate to rule Malaysia. No need to lompat katak.

I believe on the streets that the political harewire and rojakness state will soon be sorted out. With all due respect, it is not really TDM that we missed as one day, he (or anybody, everybody) will die some day, but leadership and stability of Malaysia that we really needed.

Jalur Gemilang
Jalur Gemilang

Hopes on the street – Stop all these unconstructive debates and start moving forward.

p/s: This article is not dedicated to the “wars” and “battles” that is using name calling or unethical blogging.


7 thoughts on “Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!

  1. Salam ODS,

    Thanks for reminding me, definitely I got carried away.

    After publishing the first 3 articles in my blog, I set the direction to produce something not heavy in material but humourous, gotta to admit I’m truly inspired by Tuan Husin.

    Gotta admit it comsumes my time and energy. My wife noticed that I hardly spent time with my son when The Darker Side came to live.

    When coming to this extent sedih pun ada. He used to be a supporting friend during the first few articles.

    Keep on doing the right thing.

    ODS: Salam Mr Singh.

    It is a pleasure and an honour if I can help anyone in positive way. In regards to this “war”, it is a sad thing for me due to the fact, I opine that you, Doc Sid and WJK are worthy at giving opinions and suggestions. You guys bring out the best of each other and I hope it would and will be in positive way. Thank God that it is still in professional way.

    Just taking the RPK case for example. He was good, but right now some feels that he is way off. Please don’t feel bad. We are humans. Maybe, in the future I too may make mistakes and I hope someone can remind me.

    Have a nice day ahead Mr Singh!

  2. I am on totally different plane on this one. If I had to agree 100% with Mr. Singh that would make me a clone and we’ll be having clone wars.
    I think the Second Ammendment on the Bill of Rights sums up my point of view

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

    People must argue out their differences. Agreering for the sake of unity is stupidity and propaganda, because somebody must lead, and it is in his best interest that every body unites under him or her.

    So if a person disagrees, thats not disunity, thats being sensible.

    ODS: Everybody has the right to agree or to disagree. Even to stay status quo. No doubt about it. It is just, in any kind of disagreement, it can lead towards the betterment or worse. Either agreement or disagreement, both can be distructive also. Like our own saying – Sokong membawa rebah ada; dua gajah bergaduh kijang mati ditengah-tengah pun ada; menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu pun ada; Up to one to choose if he/she/they decide(s) not to have a conducive and win-win arguments.

    This is the purpose I’m writing this article. Both of you have brains and I bet better exposure than me. I’m not forcing both of you to agree 100%, but at least do it in constructive way. Smart people with different ideologies and opinions can certainly work out something that can be either constructive or destructive.

    And I hope one will choose constructive rather than destructive, unless the dark side are you. 😀

  3. An interesting feed I got from whereby the web mentioned “Kedua pihak terus menengak benang basah antara satu sama lain dengan nawaitu wacana untuk menjatuhkan antara satu sama lain di hadapan penonton”.

    I know this is copy and paste article, but I wonder if this sentence is accidentally un-noticed or not. What ever it is, be it accidental or purposely done, it is certainly not a good note for both.

    On the other hand, I have mentioned how some has misused or should I say misinterpreted the whole idea of debate. If we are in a debate or war of words, the target should be the issue, not the person. Kalau masuk pertandingan bahas, confirm dah lari tajuk; kalau buat karangan, confirm markah kosong sebab menyimpang. This is one of the reason why people disgusted with whenever a debate occurs. Some tend to attack the individual, not tackle the issue. Especially when out of ideas.

    I know that there’s no fairness in love and war, but this will show the intergrity of the individuals who done it. Talking about way forward, but not applying in the same manner. Obama Malaysia who?

    So, go on – Kill! Kill! Kill! Die! Die! Die!

    p/s: Dont’ worry, I have saved the web page of if needed someday. In the event of alterisation. 🙂

  4. Terimakasih Ondastreet for dropping by and giving a very fair comment on my blog. What a coinceidence. Baru semalam saya terbaca your comment kat Cendana Blues and i went into your blog for a peep…wow ! I was impresseded. My cup of tea…will be following your blog..we need genuine honest free flow…there should be no monopoly of tots!

    ODS: Thanks Dato for dropping by.Just trying to express my thoughts in a good manner. Rather taking it on the streets! 😀

  5. Salam ODS,

    I’m still around enjoying the time off, wish that you’re enjoying yours as well.

    Thanks for your latest comment, I do have the same opinion as well. For some reason I may not publish as I fully respect your decision to stand on neutral ground.

    Salam Maal Hijrah, looking forward for more exchange in ideas next year.


    ODS: Salam Mr Singh.

    I do understand your decision. The opinion made after observing such action/incident that have been made. From neutral point of view of course and as in line of this article anyway.

    Kind of enjoying my time off. At least some tv shows today made me learn and remind of something. 🙂

    Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah too. Hope we will have positive exchange of ideas in time to come. 🙂

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