Gratitude and Attitude

First of all, condolence and sorry for the landslide that happened to the Bukit Antarabangsa community. Secondly, this article does not describe attitude of ALL that falls under rich and wealthy.

It has been days since landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa which caused 4 deaths and damages to properties and belongings. Within these few days, various reactions, news, stories can be collected. I am certain, most of we can hear are the negative ones.  Not to forget our favourite drama whenever things went bad – blames and accusations.

Reactions can be divided – politicians, the victims, public and not to forget, volunteers and search and rescue team. We can hear politician pointing fingers somewhere else without realising some fingers pointing back at oneself, be it from BN or PR. Victims wanted to be taken care off. Public who are not involved directly and indirectly give and express such opinions.

Only that, I wonder, how does the teams involved in helping out in this ‘tragedy’ feels. What are their opinions? From my perspective, they are one of the closest to the scene who are neutral in nature and no such interest (unless related to the victims or the politicians). They are there on basis of tasks given and responsibilites carried binded by the uniform they wear.

Earlier, I wrote ‘tragedy’, not tragedy as reported by media. As in my opinon, I would not consider this event as tragedy, but incident or accident caused by human activities. Only that, this accident was in a large scale. ‘Tragedy’ is more suited for this event when we can see how badly the people reacted to it. Although it is unfair for all (as some of the person I know live in that area) to assume the behaviour of some rich people, I believe, a mark will be left to those who follow the news and forwarded e-mails in regards to the ‘tragedy’. Some may say “Serve you right; They deserve to be punished; it is God’s punishment” etc.

Reactions like what we saw in Buletin Utama few days ago may considered as political move by some. As for me, I look in different way, considering the small events through out the story. Considering the news reported by Bernama yesterday (16th December 2008) and some more, such as how many victims really used the shelter provided and asking for hotels as temporary stay, I would say, I agree with the army.

ATM’s main responsibility is to protect our country from enemies, not to help flood or landslide victims. The community tasks falls in later priority. In this instance, their service is used to search and rescue as they have the expertise to do so. It is not their responsibilities to help the victims to move things. Please make some sense, if they weren’t there to do search and rescue, would the bodies of the 4 dead victims  be found? I dare to say, it will be found, but when the area is cleared by tractors and machines, which, it will take days and months, rotten badly. On the other hand, I believe, if their belongings went missing during the move, accusations will be made to the volunteers and help.

Secondly, hotels for shelters? Come on. For such natural events like landslides and floods that have been occuring in this country, I would say, public always being informed that the victims take shelters at schools or community halls (like this, this, this, and this)  . With this ‘solution’, I would say it will be a precedent for victims of floods that annually happen (so far) especially in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia to request hotels for shelter.

I respect for what have been achieved by the victims in their life. I do, but it doesn’t mean that for every success you gain, you have every-God-given right to push people around. Although this article is not relevant to what DSN wrote in his article, I agree on the part where – “Kaya macam mana pun bila mati bungkus dengan kain kafan kapas murah warna putih. Semua masuk kubur yang orang miskin gali! Ada orang kaya-kaya kerja gali kubur?” which I think the message is relevant, be it whatever race or religion (unless the burial ceremony is not practiced). I do believe it is hard to find rich people to dig the graves, but “digging the graves”, perhaps plenty.

Perhaps, these ungrateful silverspoons should go visit and stay with the victims of flood in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia or live with the poor. See and feel what they gone through day by day. Perhaps a snippets from a program launched to eradicate hardcore poor can give some idea.


Words on the street – Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide do provide us with ‘tragedy’ – Tragedy of moral values!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude and Attitude

  1. Salam ODS, when I saw the title I thought it was about gratitude and attitude of our national football players.

    Have you ever been a flood victim, I have many times. It was fun when I was young, but when I started to learn the sense of responsibility, it was a period of hardships and difficulties.

    Roads were blocked by flood water, so no access to buy food. Some families lived on ubi kayu. Precious belonging like TV and fridge had to be moved manually. There were army officers, but we did not expect them to do everything for us.

    Some houses were carried by current of flood water. Did we ever wait or think for five star hotel service to come, nope it was just a game of survival as usual.

    Thanks to the experience that I learnt, in conclusion, I’m very proud being a kampong boy.


    ODS: Haha. It would be ‘Ondapitch’ rather than ‘Ondastreet’ if I keep on posting on football issues. Well,this title suits most of public issues right now, I put it for the recent landlside (considering lots of e-mails flying to my inbox forwarded by public on the issue, most cursing them of course).

    Yup, been once, during my stay in Seksyen 25 Shah Alam. A flash flood actually. I remember that I want to play in the water, but cancelled after seing a huge centipede. :d

    Well, lucky that the experience you had make you a better person. The word ‘survival’ surely well understood by you. Not by the bunch who just kept complaining. They may ‘survive’ in making their ownself richer and richer, but cannot understand the nature meaning of survival.

    And that makes most people hate them, like this one message I got from my e-mails:

    Wah!!! Bukan main lagi lu orang… Rumah juta-juta… Harta juta-juta… Buat rumah pun atas bukit… Kenapa buat rumah atas bukit? Konon-konon darjat tinggi la… Sama tinggi dengan malaikat? Sama tinggi dengan Nabi? Ke nak privacy? Atau memang tak nak campur dengan masyarakat? Gua tengok kebanyakannya orang meLAYU… Tapi gua heran jugak… Rumah juta-juta… Harta juta-juta… Tapi tempat nak mengadap Ilahi kecil je? Sebab apa?

    SEBAB LU KAYA!!..?

    Bukan main dasyat lagi bantuan makanan pun dari hotel 5 bintang… Sebab nak bagi MANGSA-MANGSA yang KAYA makan! Kalau kawasan runtuh tu jadi pada rumah setinggan… Ada dapat ke makanan dari hotel 5 bintang ni? Nasi bungkus lu orang buang bagi babi makan? Nasi bungkus ape standard… Sebab apa?


    Gua lagi tambah sakit hati bila ada pemimpin datang nak jenguk… Nak tengok-tengok lu orang… Tapi lu maki apehal? Lu dah bagus sangat ke nak maki orang? Pemimpin atau wakil rakyat nak datang nak tengok rakyat… Tapi lu maki sebab tak tolong kerabat lu angkat barang! Lu sibuk pasal lu punya barang… Ada lu pikir pasal TUHAN??? Sebab apa lu jadi macam ni?


    Lagi satu hal yang pemimpin dok bagi sumbangan… Bukan sikit… Tapi puluh ribu..! Nak cakap b**doh tapi jadi menteri… Tapi pikir balik memang b**doh pun! Lu dah tau yang duduk atas bukit tu bukan orang miskin! Duit ada berjuta… Lu ada pikir rakyat yang tak ada rumah? Yang tak makan? Rakyat yang ada rumah macam dah nak roboh? Sebab apa???


    Lu orang boleh tepekik terlolong macam hilang akal sebab rumah juta-juta ranap! Ada lu orang nak beristighfar? Gua jadi heran ada makhluk macam lu orang! Pasukan penyelamat nak tolong pun dah cukup bagus! Tapi yang lu nak maki dorang apehal? Lu nak saman apehal? Sebab apa?


    Lagi gua tambah heran bila lu orang nak saman PBT… Yang lu buat rumah atas bukit tu sapa suruh? Nak pampasan??? JANGAN HARAP! Cukup baik la MB Selangor bagi penginapan kat hotel… Tak bersyukur lagi??? Itu tanah persendirian… Lantak lu la nak buat rumah… Tapi bile dah ranap lu sibuk nak saman? Sebab apa?


    Gua bukan dengki pasal lu kaya… Peduli ape lu kaya! Lantak lu la.. Tapi lu kene ingat… Ada yang lagi Maha Kaya… Ada yang lagi Berkuasa.

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