Malaysian AFF Cup Review

“Sebagai peminat bolasepak tanah air, saya cukup bangga melihat kedudukan terbaru pasukan kebangsaan Malaysia dalam ‘ranking’ sedunia Coca-Cola FIFA naik sembilan anak tangga ke tempat 151. Sewaktu saya dipilih sebagai Timbalan Presiden Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia (FAM), kedudukan dunia pasukan kebangsaan di tangga 172.
Menyedari hakikat ini, saya selaku orang yang dipertanggungjawab oleh KDYMM Tuanku Presiden FAM untuk menjaga pasukan kebangsaan menjadikan isu ‘ranking’ ini sebagai salah satu penunjuk aras pencapaian atau KPI utama dalam menilai status perkembangan bolasepak tanah air. Tidak keterlaluan jika saya katakan bahawa ‘ranking’ terkini pasukan kebangsaan menandakan sedikit sebanyak kemajuan kita, walaupun perjalanan FAM kearah kecemerlangan masih jauh lagi.” –


Now, I’ve written  two articles earlier, no three articles on Malaysian Football which has relation to KJ and his claim over success on the football pitch.(since KJ volunteered supporters and he himself claimed Malaysian rankings rise due to his tenurship as VP of FAM). Since, we have known that Malaysia’s AFF Suzuki Cup has ended, let us review and see how we fair. Shall we?

First game – against Laos, ranked 162 at the moment. We had a jittery start though we won against Laos (speaking of which, beaten by the Thais 6-0 and Vietnamese 4-0) with 3-0. All goals were scored in the second half, after Coach B Sathianathan made some substitution of Malaysian players. Safee scored two and Indra scored one. Good and quality goals for me. Well done lads! Note that, there is a comment congratulating KJ for Malaysia beating Laos in approved when my queries on 30th November has not being answer, even not posted! Well, never mind, I’m not a beggar anyway, just trying to get some explaination. 🙂

Next match – winner of Pestabola Merdeka 2008 – Vietnam ranked 159 at the moment. Beaten by Thais 2-0 (and thrashed Laos 4-0!). We lost to them through penalty shoot out after a goaless draw during final Pestabola Merdeka. However, due to circus act by the goalkeeper (which I believe, under the new regime brought by KJ as he claimed, should not from Royal London of Circus), we lost 3-2. Well, they scored first, then we scored, they scored and we scored..and urm..they score again after that. Which makes me wonder, who are better in rankings? They or us? Who should be chasing who? Anyway, Coach B Sathianathan has every right to feel aggrieved. Twice we chased from behind, yet, we lost.

And due to that, 2nd Keeper was given his chance for match against Thailand. Well, we did hope his trial of 10 days for Darlington FC can provide us something, but yet, we were left humbled by the Thais. Seriously, by his statement in media when there’s a possiblity for him to play, I do hope miracle would happen for Malaysia. Yet, we lost 3-0. Thais have 7 shots on target with 6 out of target. As for Malaysians – 11 out of target and only 1 on target. 2 yellow cards for Thais and 4 for Malaysians. What does this shows us? 

KJ (FAM and the Malaysian players) have not proved to us on real positive changes. As highlighted by, KJ is held responsible by DYMM Sultan Pahang to take care of the team. He had claimed Malaysia improved under his tenure (which once again I reiterate, the facts contradicted). As I mentioned earlier and in Jebat’s blog discussing on KJ’s success on the field, we rise due to we went into the finals beating weaker teams. Now, with Malaysia’s AFF campaign has ended, beating Laos (ranked 162) and lose to Vietnam (ranked 159) and Thailand (ranked 118), certainly Malaysia rankings will go somewhere else. Only that, if we go down, should only the Malaysian team to be blamed, not the manager too? Try to be fair, whenever Malaysia win, KJ get the praise, but when we lose, Malaysian team get the whacking.

(For such results of AFF Suzuki Cup, you can browse the official website : There, you can even have virtual image on how goals are scored.)

We are still not performing against big boys of ASEAN. Come on, we were level against the South Korean and Japanese once. Now, we only can beat little kids of Football. To such who claimed Malaysia rise due to KJ, again, I ask this, do we deserve to consider a success when we can only beat weaker teams?

AFF Malaysian Team
AFF Suzuki Cup's Malaysian Team

Words on the street – Can’t wait to see new Malaysian rankings to be announced!


9 thoughts on “Malaysian AFF Cup Review

  1. Salam ODS,

    The lads have flown back to Malaysia, perhaps they missed Khairy too much so that the purposely settled for an early exit.

    I have a suggestion to lift the ranking, invite nations like Western Samoa, Palau and Solomon Islands for friendly matches, and serve them with plenty of goals. But I wonder will it work that way?


    ODS: Salam Mr Singh. Your suggestion is good, really good for lifting the ranks, which , without us realizing, it was practiced for our previous Merdeka Cup 2008. We invited weaker teams for us to score against. it was 18 goals without conceding. Magical stuff!

    However, some may forgot, that eventually, ‘tembelang’ will ‘pecah’ as at least, twice a year, we will have SEA Games. and every two years, we will have qualifying for World Cup and Olympics. If we kept crunching weaker teams, how can we learn? If once, Malaysian team could be labelled ‘jaguh kampung’ by some, but the label even suit for our current state. More like a spasm bully, bullying smaller kids.

  2. ODS,

    it is so clear that KJ has failed his mission in reviving our national football. he should has resign by now.

    ODS: Thanks for dropping by Doc.

    Calling him to step down is one of the options, but some may opine that he is only there for one year. And perhaps, he himself will say that he has been VP for one year, nothing much he can do. He may ask for more time, which, I believe, if he needs it, he ought to forget his dream of being UMNO Youth Chief.

    Football in Malaysia need a lot of overhauls. From the management to the players playing even for club level. Changes in FAM alone would not sustain positive changes for a long period of time. That’s why, if KJ really passionate, he should not politicise Football and do his job. Otherwise, do as you proposed. He ought to choose one right now.

  3. Salam perjuangan,

    Pity Malaysia. Pity, pity, pity. As usual, we’re lookin’ for someone to blame. The players? Coach? Government? FAM? Keep going, the list won’t end.

    “Memperkasa Generasi Baru”

    Pergerakan Pemuda
    UMNO Cawangan Taman IKS
    Bahagian Batu WP

    ODS: Begitulah kebiasaannya yang terjadi andai sesuatu yang kurang menyenangkan berlaku. Budaya menuding ni juga disertakan dengan satu lagi sindrom yang berlawanan dengan sesuatu yang kurang enak, iaitu apabila kejayaan dicapai – “Akulah sebab utama kejayaan”. Kedua-dua pilihan ini bagai satu pelan yang sudah tersedia apabila melakukan sesuatu oleh sesetengah daripada kita.

    Dalam kes bola sepak Malaysia, pada pendapat saya agak berlainan. Mengambil kira pendedahan masyarakat kita tentang kualiti bola sepak luar negara, gaji yang diterima pemain-pemain tidak setara tahap permainan, mentaliti pemain-pemain kita, penglibatan bukan ahli sukan dalam pentadbiran sukan yang bersifat politikal, dan kemajuan yang dicapai oleh negara serantau yang dahulunya ‘lauk’ bagi kita merupakan antara sebab mengapa penyokong bola sepak Malaysia tidak dapat menerima hakikat yang terjadi kepada bola sepak Malaysia. Jika dahulu FAM benar-benar berjuang memartabatkan bola sepak Malaysia, aksi kini tidak lagi menggambarkan kita bukan lagi kuasa bola sepak Asia, terutama Asia Tenggara. Mungkin pembaca boleh membaca nukilan ini di . Saya pasti, pelbagai lagi artikel seumpama ini ditulis mengenang kembali betapa gahnya kita di persada bola sepak Asia sekurang-kurangnya.

    Boleh dikatakan, saya faham mesej yang PemudaIKS cuba sampaikan, tetapi pengorbanan dan komitmen harus diberikan andai ingin melihat bola sepak Malaysia diletakkan di tahap yang sebetulnya. Bola sepak Malaysia bukan seharusnya pentas retorik politik. Mujur, pengaruh bola sepak di Malaysia bukan seperti di Brazil ataupun Argentina. Jika tidak, tidak dapat saya bayangkan akibatnya.

  4. After reading comments from Sukj stating KJ is not VP, he is right. KJ even HIGHER than that. He is the Deputy President of FAM.

    ODS stands corrected and apologises for misleading information. However, since he is the Deputy President, he holds even higher responsibilties in upholding national pride in world of football.

  5. I wrote to FAM in order to offer my help in improving Malaysia’s FIFA ranking. There was no reply.

    Malaysia will go down 3 places to 159th when FIFA publish the January rankings:

    ODS: I thank you for your effort in trying to help in improving Malaysian Football. I hope, even though they do not reply, they will notice your effort and put them into consideration and implemantation.

    Malaysia is actually going down more than 3. The highest talking point was at 151 when the few articles I wrote and disputed by KJ’s supporters. If as predicted Malaysia going to be at 159, it will be exactly where Malaysia was when KJ was appointed as Deputy President of FAM.

    Again, I thank you for your effort in revitalising Malaysian Football.

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