The Yoga ‘Bear’ Story

I have been wondering what’s the fuss about ‘Pengharaman’ Yoga announced by National Fatwa Council on last 22nd November 2008, which made the headlines in our mainstream media. It has caught interest from walks of lives which created lots of reactions, even from Sultans. And to amuse me more is reaction from Malaysia Hindu Sangam in regards with this issue (thanks to Husin Lempoyan for providing this link in his article.) Frankly, why does a non-muslim gave such comments on issues pertaining to Islam when it isn’t really effect their practice?

Technically speaking, I don’t get it. The press release clearly stated that – “only the physical aspect of yoga without the mantras and elements of worshipping outwardly was not wrong (in Islam). However, he said, yoga was not to be encouraged among Muslims for fear that it could erode their Islamic faith since the physical part was a component of yoga practice as a whole. He said there were three stages to yoga practice, which originated from the Hindus, — first, the physical aspect which is the exercise part; second the mantras and worshipping and third the unification of oneself with God. “Therefore, members of the council reached a consensus that any practice, regardless of type and in whatever form that have such elements, contradict Islamic teachings,“.

From what I can read clearly here is, there’s nothing wrong in practising yoga which does not include any elements that contradicting Islamic teachings. Do it all you want, as long as you don’t go against any Islamic teachings. Why make the jump and create the fuss?

If the fuss is created due to ‘unable’ to live a healthy lifestyle, there are other various ways for MUSLIMS to live healthy. As outlined in the very same article itself that by practising solat ourselves, it is like an exercise in kind. Why such fuss is made by muslims when one of the ‘Rukun Islam’ create such benefit in kind, which in this case, healthy life?

Various researches have been done on the advantages of performing solat, either from the West or even done locally. One of the research was done our own local Malaya University, which the article I obtained from our local blogger – Want more result of research on solat? You are just a click away in the cyberworld and you will find various articles on benifits of performing solat. So, why make such fuss? Or unless, you (as a Muslim) do the yoga, but you “jarang-jarang” or “kad-dang – kad-dang” perform the solat.

Let's do the Yoga!
Let's do the Yoga

Words on the street – Should really this Yoga matter a big fuss to Muslims?


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