Rafidah oh Rafidah

It has been quite interesting issues for the past few days in regards with our MPs. One is in regards with ex-gartia payment and status of those judges who were awarded the payment and one issue in regards to another “Peralihan Kuasa” within Wanita UMNO.

As at this point of time, Tan Sri Rafidah got 116 nominations on for Ketua Wanita, while Datuk Seri Shahrizat got 74 nominations. A difference of 42 nominations, which, if we consider the transition plan does not being announced, seems likely Tan Sri Rafidah is more favourable.

However, since the plan has been announced way before, logically, should be there any big number of nominations for Datuk Seri Shahrizat? 74 is not bigger than 116, but shows something to us or at least to whom it may concern, the transition should take place sooner than expected.

I was young back then when Tan Sri Rafidah won back the number one post from Datuk Dr Zaharah back in 2000. When she won, an article in Utusan was published entitled “Rafidah hadapi cabaran satukan semula Wanita” which part of the article sounds like this: “Dalam kempen-kempennya, Rafidah berkata, dia ingin mengukuhkan semula Wanita UMNO yang didakwanya berpecah dan tidak mempunyai arah tujuan di bawah kepimpinan Siti Zaharah.” and “Rafidah perlu mengubah orientasi Wanita UMNO, memberi perhatian kepada masalah ahli di peringkat akar umbi dan menyediakan wanita Melayu dengan program era Teknologi Maklumat”.

I wonder, it has been 8 years since and going to 9 years next year. Has Wanita UMNO been united? If yes, the next question would be, can someone explain to me how does Datuk Seri Shahrizat still got 74 nominations even after transition plan has been announced? If there is less than 10, I can accept it (like what happened to Ku Li for President). It is more disturbing when some announced full support to Datuk Seri Shahrizat. Does Wanita UMNO not obeying their current leader? Or is it another big sign for some to step aside honourably before being ‘discharged’ publically?

Let say Tan Sri Rafidah wins in March ’09. The next one of wonders in the world would be – what she wants to do in 3 months gap? If she wants to do something, better it will be significant to the development of Malaysia, not for just some or herself.

Rivals in Nominations (UMNO General Assembly '09)
Rivals in Nominations

Words on the street – should or should not Transition Plan for Wanita UMNO being followed?


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